Ballon d'Or power rankings: Will Messi win again?

With the ceremony set for November 29, the first Ballon d’Or award in two years is set to recognise the best player of the past year – we look at the top contenders.

Lionel Messi – 4/7

At 34, Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain threatens to precipitate the end of his career. Shorn of his comfort zone at Barcelona and at only his second professional club, he has struggled to adjust. There is a sense that given all he achieved last season against the backdrop of Covid-19 and club strife, with 38 goals in 47 club appearances coupled with his 2021 Copa America win, there’s enough cover to give him a final Ballon d’Or ahead of his retirement.

La Liga

Barca gave ‘new leader’ Fati No. 10 too soon – Inside Europe


Robert Lewandowski – 5/2

Lewandowski’s best finish in the Ballon d’Or is fourth place in 2015. He has scored more than 250 club goals since then, and has 15 goals in 11 appearances for Bayern Munich so far this season. Aged 33, he shows signs of becoming better, rather than entering decline caused by age. He is a ridiculous player who continues to win European and domestic trophies with Bayern, and for all their dominance, his club would struggle without him even if they brought in a replacement.

Jorginho – 7/1

Jorginho is perhaps the obvious choice outside of Messi and Lewandowski. Not many players win the Champions League and European Championships in the same season, but the Italian international held the respective teams together with his usual poise and incisive passing – and that is before mentioning his nerveless penalties. After struggling at times under Maurizio Sarri and then Frank Lampard, his emergence as an essential midfielder at Stamford Bridge is a huge achievement.

Mohamed Salah – 10/1

As Salah showed while discombobulating half of Vicarage Road to the extent they all cranially imploded and had to sit down to recover, there are few players with such technical ability linked to his quick wit. It is not the first time he has operated in such small confines and emerged not just with space, but with a goal, and it will probably not be the last. Aged 29, he could be worth the £500,000-a-week reported wages of a proposed new contract.

Salah is ‘the best in the world’, everything he touches ‘turns to gold’ – Klopp

Karim Benzema – 16/1

The Real Madrid striker has faced challenges from one player after another for his space, but nobody has been able to dislodge him from Gonzalo Higuain onwards. At 33, one would expect the arrival of Kylian Mbappe to trouble him, but as Didier Deschamps has shown, it appears many believe that there will be even greater reward by turning them into a partnership. After four Ligue 1 titles, four Ligas, three Champions Leagues and now the Nations League after years away from the French national side, his is a career that deserves recognition.

N’golo Kante – 20/1

Kante was also integral to Chelsea’s Champions League success, and after a year of relative underperformance, there was speculation that he might be moved on. Instead, Thomas Tuchel has got the Frenchman back to something like his best. If Jorginho had not also taken his country to success as well, then Kante would have a similar claim to the Ballon d’Or.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 25/1

Ronaldo has also left a major European club to go to relative strugglers, just as his peer and nemesis Messi did this summer. Already, he is cutting a frustrated figure, and who can blame him? He signed up for a season that would start with McFred in midfield and with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in charge on the bench. That hasn’t stopped him being typically excellent, just as he was at Juventus, but it might not be enough to win any more awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Image credit: Getty Images

Kylian Mbappe – 33/1

Mbappe is a long shot. He is a player who burst onto the scene almost fully formed, but if this is far as he comes, we might even be disappointed. Until the 22-year-old striker is tested regularly, and given the chance to play with a squad such as Real Madrid’s, observers will want to know if he can deliver more on the pitch. To become even more dangerous, and even more of a leader. He did nothing wrong at PSG last year – though this season promises to be more difficult – but others played better.

Lorenzo Insigne – 33/1

With two goals at Euro 2020, including a vital contribution against Belgium, Insigne was a key part of the Italian side under Roberto Mancini that brought back the trophy. He is 30 now, and until then he had little to show for a playing career that had mainly been spent with Napoli. There is perhaps little hope that he will get honours on the domestic front, so a sympathy vote this year for the Ballon d’Or has an outside chance.

Kevin De Bruyne – 33/1

De Bruyne was Pep Guardiola’s most important player across the title-winning season, and if he were not for injury then perhaps he could have taken Belgium further. The midfielder is perhaps underrated because his brilliance is no longer remarkable – it is just what he does. Perhaps Belgium or City need to win a major international trophy before he will be given the pre-eminent individual award.

Premier League

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Premier League

Opinion: Only a matter of time until Solskjaer is sacked as Man Utd boss


El fichaje de Mbappé amenaza con un terremoto

Europa se prepara para un corrimiento de estrellas que podría afectar a varios de los grandes clubes y cuyo desencadenante tiene un nombre propio incuestionable: Kylian Mbappé. Si finalmente el astro francés acaba abandonando el PSG en verano para recalar en el Madrid -tal y como parece a la vista de sus negativas por renovar-, su fichaje vendrá acompañado de otros muchos con los que contrarrestar una de las operaciones más mediáticas y decisivas de los últimos años.

Para empezar, el PSG estará obligado a mover ficha urgentemente. A pesar de contar con Messi y Neymar, se le irá uno de los grandes emblemas de presente y futuro del club. Es el máximo goleador, el joven sobre el que cimentarlo todo, el líder que debía recoger el testigo de las estrellas en los próximos años. Quizá por ello el jugador que más encajaría en este perfil es Erling Haaland. Ya en los últimos días de verano sonó como opción, aunque hay un factor que juega claramente en contra de esta operación: la Premier.

Y es que la relación del fútbol inglés con el delantero noruego es muy amplia. Su padre jugó allí, en Noruega no hay discusión sobre qué campeonato es el mejor y el propio delantero del Dortmund ha deslizado en alguna ocasión que es un fútbol perfecto para sus condiciones. Además, clubes como City, United, Liverpool y Chelsea están alerta sobre la cláusula liberatoria que le permitiría salir del Dortmund el próximo verano por un precio más asequible que en otros mercados.

Tema Salah

El Liverpool tendría la pieza de Salah para forzar la operación. El egipcio sigue sin renovar y es muy del agrado de los dueños qataríes del PSG, pues es el mejor jugador árabe sin discusión. Si Mbappé se va y Haaland prefiere la Premier, la llegada de Salah resolvería el problema en París. Al mismo tiempo, el Liverpool tendría vía libre para ir a por el noruego con todas las de la ley, a expensas de las estrategias del resto de ingleses. Tanto Chelsea como United tienen dinero y posibilidades, pero acaban de firmar a Lukaku y Cristiano. Eso quizá les haga estar en un segundo plano de momento.

El City también ha sondeado a Haaland, pero la mala relación de Guardiola con Raiola complica el asunto. Es más, ya sonó con más fuerza la opción de Vlahovic que la del noruego. El delantero serbio de la Fiorentina es otro de los que se moverá en verano, una vez confirmado que no seguirá en el conjunto viola. El City aparece como el mejor colocado, junto al Atlético, y en los últimos días también ha surgido el nombre de Luka Jovic como posible recambio. Con el madridista se cerraría un círculo de fichajes que promete tener mucho picante, especialmente por el terremoto que va a provocar Mbappé y su más que presumible marcha.

Mohamed Salah is on one

That’s with the outside of the foot, hardly the most exact way to distribute the ball. And it’s so perfectly weighted, it’s just a puppy turning onto its back begging Sadio Mané to rub his belly. It’s beckoning and welcoming and gentle and vicious all at the same time. Mané doesn’t have to take a touch to control it after it’s traveled some 30-40 yards. It’s just waiting to be easily slotted home.

That’s genius enough for one afternoon. But Salah was hardly finished:


If that looks familiar, it’s because in his last game:


Perhaps the best way to appreciate Salah’s pièce de résistance yesterday is to see exactly where it started:


Who does this two games in a row? It’s almost insulting. And it’s how you get labeled the “best player in the world,” when it looks like you’re playing a different game than the other 21 players on the field. That they’re only there to provide a stage.

Of course, weighing down, or balancing out, those who lead with their hearts are those who lead with their brains and have to throw numbers at you. And I’m usually in that crowd, so you can see my conflict.


By the numbers, Salah is among the best without being anything near definitely so. Karim Benzema at Real Madrid has 13 goals + assists to Salah’s 11, and Erling Haaland has matched Salah’s 11. Florian Wirtz at Leverkusen has lapped the field when it comes to goals + assists – penalties per 90 minutes (all stats from

When it comes to expected rates, which cross out the noise of other people’s finishing abilities, Salah ranks fourth among the top five European leagues, trailing Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe in expected non-penalty goals + assists (and Andrei Kramaric of Hoffenheim which… what?). But I could say that Lewandowski plays for the Gashouse Gorillas of Germany in Munich and they’re so far above the competition there that it’s skewed. Or that Mbappe is just beating up Ligue 1 again. There’s probably an element of truth in both, while those statements themselves are exaggerated pretty grossly.


I could point out that Salah’s massive improvement this season in his chance- and shot-creation for others has Sadio Mané ranking right next to him in the Premier League in a few scoring categories like goals, expected goals, and shots. But you could say that Mané has been one of the league’s best forwards for years now, and maybe Salah is benefitting too. We’ll spin our wheels.

All of that discussion would miss the point. We use numbers and stats to give us context after the fact. To learn what went on. But in the moment, during the game, we’re there to feel. Thrill of victory, frustration of defeat, the release of seeing a goal, to be wowed. Salah at the moment is the one making the most people feel the most things right now. Benzema may be doing more for a worse team. Lewandowski is just clockwork. But your Twitter feed is littered with Salah highlights.

Salah se enroca: quiere ser Galáctico

Uno de los hombres del momento, Mohamed Salah, que ha empezado la temporada a un nivel espectacular, está lejos de tener asegurado su futuro. El egipcio tiene contrato hasta 2023, pero varios grandes están al acecho de su situación y su renovación con el Liverpool no va por buen camino.

Según Mirror, el agente del futbolista estaría en Inglaterra para reunirse con el club, pero las posturas están bastante alejadas. El atacante pediría un salario de más de 30 millones de euros anuales, más del doble de lo que cobra ahora. El club quiere ampliar su vinculación hasta 2025, cuando cumpliría 33 años, pero no está dispuesta a semejante aumento de salario.

Sin embargo, las declaraciones de Klopp tras el partido ante el Watford, en el que Salah marcó un gol espectacular, no ayudan a rebajar las pretensiones del egipcio. “¿Quién es mejor que Salah ahora mismo? Sabemos lo que han hecho Ronaldo y Messi en su carrera, pero ahora mismo él es el mejor”, aseguró el alemán. Otras voces autorizadas, como McManaman.

“Salah tiene que experimentar el Real Madrid”

El comentarista de Sky Sports se ha pronunciado sobre el futuro de Mo Salah en el Liverpool. El exentrenador del Valencia y exfutbolista del Manchester United ve al egipcio fuera de Anfield antes de terminar su carrera: “No creo que se quede en el Liverpool el resto de su carrera. Es mi opinión personal. Siempre ha sido esa opinión, pero podría estar equivocado”.

El inglés valora la perdida en el caso de que Salah se marche de la Premier: “La Premier League sería más débil si él se fuera. Sólo creo que miras a alguien como Cristiano, David Beckham, Kylian Mbappe, no todo es por el dinero. Hay un proyecto y hay algo que tienen que lograr en sus vidas. Tienen que jugar en ciertos clubes, tienen que ir y experimentar ciertas cosas”.

Neville se moja con los clubes a los que podría ir el egipcio: “Creo que Salah tiene que experimentar el Real Madrid, el Bernabéu – el Real Madrid va a volver, por cierto. Sé que el Barcelona no es grande en este momento. Creo que tiene que tener eso en su CV al final de su carrera. Ha hecho un trabajo increíble en el Liverpool. Siempre he sentido que quiere un París Saint-Germain, un Real Madrid, un Barcelona y creo que irá a buscarlo. Pero puede que me equivoque”.

Salah, de 29 años, termina su contrato con el Liverpool en 2023. Esta temporada ha marcado seis goles en siete partidos de la Premier League con los reds.

Opinion: Klopp is right – Salah is currently the best in the world

For most players, the goal Mohamed Salah scored in Liverpool’s 5-0 demolition of Watford would have been a once-in-a-career moment. For the Egyptian, though, it was just another trademark strike. Indeed, it was only two weeks ago that Salah scored a similar goal against Manchester City.

There is no other player in world football capable of keeping the ball under control under such pressure and producing a goal. Salah plays with a unique combination of technical ability with the ball at his feet and upper body strength. Then there’s his eye for goal and consistency at finding the back of the net.

Salah isn’t just a great goalscorer, he is a scorer of great goals. The 29-year-old has been a giant of the English game for a number of years, but he is currently setting a new standard for himself. Salah might even be the best player in the world on the basis of his recent form – better than Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski and all the rest.

Premier League

‘Right now, he is the best’ – Klopp hails Liverpool star Salah after Watford wonderstrike


Jurgen Klopp certainly believes this to be the case. “For sure right now the best player in the world,” the Liverpool boss commented after Salah’s stunning performance at Vicarage Road on Saturday. “Come on, we all see it – who is better than him at the moment? At the moment, there is nobody better in world football than him.”

With the nominees for the 2021 Ballon d’Or announced last week, the discussion around the best player in the world is particularly pertinent right now. The debate is also sharper than it has been for a number of years with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo no longer the untouchable forces of nature they once were.

Messi might still add another Ballon d’Or to his collection – his fallow years are still better than most players can ever hope to achieve – but the likes of Karim Benzema and Jorginho are widely seen as genuine contenders to be crowned the best individual football player in the world for this year.

Timing might count against Salah, who is also a nominee, in the voting given that he has hit another level in the second half of 2021. What’s more, the Egyptian didn’t play at a major tournament like many of his Ballon d’Or rivals, something that carries a lot of weight in the assessment of candidates for the award (see Jorginho).

‘It means a new superpower’ – Klopp expecting big things after Newcastle takeover

But looking at the standard of the game’s great and good at this specific moment in time, Salah stands alone. He has scored in each of his last eight matches for Liverpool – the longest run of goalscoring performances for the Anfield club since Daniel Sturridge in February 2014.

Nobody has scored more Premier League goals this season than Salah (seven) with the 29-year-old also notching four assists for good measure. Liverpool look back to their fast and furious best and much of that is down to the influence of Salah. Opposition defenders have yet to find a way to stop him, as demonstrated by the number of Watford players who watched Salah’s goal on their backside.

The 2021 Ballon d’Or is unlikely to end up in Salah’s hands, but that shouldn’t mask how well he is playing right now. The Premier League hasn’t seen a forward perform at such a high level for a long time, perhaps since Cristiano Ronaldo’s first spell at Manchester United. Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, Gareth Bale – none produced what Salah is producing at this moment.

It’s got to the point that Salah’s form is now transcending the Premier League and even his generation. Comparisons are being drawn with players around the world and players through the years. No matter the discussion, no matter the frame of reference, Salah measures up against anyone.

Premier League

Firmino nets hat-trick, Salah scores stunner as Liverpool hammer sorry Watford


Premier League

Klopp seethes at Newcastle takeover, Brazil and Southgate in angry Liverpool press conference


'Right now, he is the best' – Klopp hails Liverpool star Salah after Watford wonderstrike

Jurgen Klopp hailed Mohamed Salah as the best player in the world “right now” after the Egyptian helped Liverpool to a 5-0 demolition of Watford at Vicarage Road.

Roberto Firmino scored a hat-trick as Claudio Ranieri’s Watford reign got off to the worst possible start but it was Salah who will hog the headlines having produced another goal of the season contender.

Salah had already laid on Sadio Mané’s opening goal early in the first half when he wriggled away from three defenders to curl Liverpool into a 4-0 lead less than nine minutes into the second period.

Premier League

Klopp seethes at Newcastle takeover, Brazil and Southgate in angry Liverpool press conference


It was a strike to rival the wondergoal he scored in the 2-2 draw with Manchester City a fortnight ago and took his Premier League tally for the season to seven in eight games.

“His performance was massive today,” Klopp said. “The pass for the first goal was great and the second goal was special.

“He is top. We all see it. Who is better than him? We don’t have to talk about what Messi and Ronaldo have done for world football and their dominance. But right now, he is the best.”

Mané put Liverpool in front inside eight minutes and Liverpool dominated their hosts from start to finish of a disappointing first outing under Ranieri.

Klopp had made his frustration with the early kick-off time clear in a BT Sport interview ahead of the match, but he was delighted with how his side performed at Vicarage Road.

“It was good! I cannot say differently. After international break it is hard to find the rhythm after playing different systems, but the boys were so good despite only having one session before today,” Klopp said.

I am confident at the moment, helping the team win points which is the most important thing.

“I think Watford had ideas, but we didn’t let them play. The goals were really brilliant, there was great attitude, energy and character.”

Salah’s strike was his ninth in his last eight games in all competitions but the Egyptian forward refused to be drawn on whether he is currently in the form of his career.

“I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t have the luck to score goals but I am always trying 100 per cent to help the team,” he said.

“I am confident at the moment, helping the team win points which is the most important thing.”

Premier League

Mourinho ‘clash’ forced Salah and De Bruyne out of Chelsea, says Newton

12/10/2021 AT 09:42

Premier League

Klopp hints at formation shift; Guardiola says Klopp has made him better

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Salah wieder unwiderstehlich: Liverpool vermiest Ranieri das Comeback

Der FC Liverpool fuhr beim Debüt von Claudio Ranieri einen klaren Sieg in London ein. Wieder mal überragend: Mohamed Salah.

Lachende Torschützen unter sich: Roberto Firmino (li.) und Mohamed Salah.

Lachende Torschützen unter sich: Roberto Firmino (li.) und Mohamed Salah.

imago images/Shutterstock

Als der FC Liverpool im Februar 2020 schon längst auf Meisterkurs steuerte und 44 Premier-League-Spiele in Folge ohne Niederlage geblieben war, kam der FC Watford und zerstörte die Träume von einer ungeschlagenen Saison. Das damals fulminante 3:0, das Watford weder zum Klassenerhalt verhalf noch Liverpool die Meisterschaft streitig machte, lag anderthalb Jahre später gefühlt eine Ewigkeit – und eine Pandemie – zurück.

Am Samstagmittag waren es dieses Mal die Reds, die Watford beim Debüt von Trainer Claudio Ranieri in die Suppe spuckten. Liverpool, dieses Mal mit einer 17-Spiele-Serie angereist, ließ die Hornets von Sekunde eins an gar nicht ins Spiel kommen und ging noch dazu früh in Führung. Der wieder mal überragende Salah bediente Mané mit einem perfekt gespielten Außenristpass in den Lauf, und der Senegalese schloss mit dem ersten Kontakt vor Foster zum 1:0 ab (9.).

Das Team von Jürgen Klopp musste nicht einmal den ganz großen Druck erzeugen, die schiere Qualität war schon zu viel für überforderte Gastgeber, die es überhaupt nicht schafften, das von Ranieri gewünschte “emotionale Spiel” aufzuziehen. Liverpool ließ Ball und Gegner laufen und legte vor der Pause durch die nächste Traumkombination nach: Milner nahm auf dem linken Flügel Mané mit, der etwas ins Zentrum bog und im richtigen Moment den hinterlaufenden Milner wieder bediente. Der Routinier behielt den Kopf oben und fand Roberto Firmino, der frei vorm Tor stand und mit dem Schienbein einschob (37.).

Salah wieder unwiderstehlich – für Watford wird es ganz bitter

Fast noch einfacher wurde es für den Brasilianer, als Foster eine Grätsche seines eigenen Abwehrspielers (Cathcart) nur so entschärfen konnte, dass Firmino den Abpraller locker und leicht über die Linie drückte (52.). Watford war endgültig gebrochen und wurde nur wenige Augenblicke später auch noch vorgeführt. Salah tanzte im Strafraum auf engstem Raum drei Gegenspieler aus und schlenzte den Ball dann auch noch vorbei an Foster ins lange Eck (54.) – das nächste Traumtor des Ägypters, der momentan eine Klasse für sich ist.

Tore und Karten

Tore und Karten

FC Watford


FC Watford






FC Liverpool


FC Liverpool






Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss


Jonathan Moss

Jonathan Moss



Vicarage Road





16.10.2021, 13:30 Uhr


Vicarage Road Watford





Angesichts des anstehenden Champions-League-Spiels bei Atletico Madrid am Dienstag (21 Uhr, LIVE! bei kicker) schaltete Liverpool nach dem 4:0 in den Sparmodus, ließ aber auch so fast gar nichts anbrennen. Stattdessen legte Firmino auf Vorlage des eingewechselten Nico Williams sogar noch einen drauf und schnürte den Dreierpack (90.+1). Durch den fünften Sieg im achten Ligaspiel (drei Remis) springen die Reds zumindest bis zum Abend, wenn Chelsea bei Brentford ran muss, an die Tabellenspitze.

Mourinho 'clash' forced Salah and De Bruyne out of Chelsea, says Newton

Chelsea’s former loan technical coach Eddie Newton thinks Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne were “more than good enough” to play for Chelsea and didn’t do so because of a “clash” with Jose Mourinho.

De Bruyne and Salah both struggled to secure a first-team role at Chelsea during Mourinho’s second spell at the club from 2013 to 2015.

De Bruyne left in 2014 and is now shining with Manchester City while Salah joined Roma in 2016 and has developed into one of the best players in the world at Liverpool.

World Cup Qualification UEFA

Opinion: Foden needs to be Southgate’s De Bruyne for England at Qatar 2022

09/10/2021 AT 22:00

“For me, I think Salah and De Bruyne wasn’t about talent,” Newton told Goal.

“It was a personality clash [with Jose Mourinho]. I just didn’t think it was working at the time. I think they were more than good enough, but it was the manager who didn’t see eye-to-eye with them, so it wasn’t going to work.”

Romelu Lukaku was in a similar position to De Bruyne and Salah after joining Chelsea as an 18-year-old in 201 as he was unable to get into the first team and had several loan spells before leaving to join Everton.

He returned to Stamford Bridge this summer in a £97m deal following a successful two years with Inter Milan.

Newton worked at Chelsea from 2012 until 2020 and says Lukaku needed to “learn his craft” elsewhere rather than following in Didier Drogba’s footsteps.

“He wasn’t ready at the time, and I don’t care what anyone says. He just wasn’t ready to be the main No 9 up front and carry that platform like Didier. He was always going to be compared to Didier and it wasn’t fair to him at that time. It was different situations for different players.

“He was a great kid with bundles of enthusiasm who wanted to impress. He was sometimes too desperate to impress that it went against him. I think he needed to come out of Chelsea and learn his craft elsewhere, which he did on loan at West Brom. My former team-mate Steve Clarke was looking after him.

“It was well documented and he will say it himself: he had the power and pace, and when he was younger he got away with blowing people away with his physicality, outrunning people in behind and scoring that goal.

“When he got to the top level, he couldn’t do it as much anymore. He hadn’t developed how to play with his back to goal. Every time the ball came to him, a defender would get tight and it would bounce off him. He gave it away a lot and it was frustrating.

Romelu Lukaku celebrates

Image credit: Getty Images

“That’s why at Chelsea it would have been hard for him, because there was an expectation on him to hold up the ball, find the players then get back in the box to finish. That’s what Didier did and it left massive pressure. It was better to go away and develop it at West Brom.

“He got to Manchester United, didn’t take off as he would have hoped, but Antonio Conte had him at Inter. He was a pain for Lukaku and forced him to complete the journey with his back to goal. He worked tirelessly with him until he got his just rewards. It was a major factor on why he didn’t establish himself at the highest level earlier.

“He is now back at Chelsea, more mature and a senior player who can play with his back to goal and score. He is now ready to complete that journey and fair play to him. A lot of hard work went into where he is now.”

Chelsea’s loan strategy over the last 15 years has been criticised as they often send a number of players out on loan spells for several years in a row.

However, Newton says there has been positive feedback from players over time.

“We spoke about people not understanding the loan programme at the start, but the players didn’t either. After a season or two, they were coming to me and saying they get it now and appreciate it. The agents and parents’ feedback started coming and it was positive. These were their careers that we were helping.

“I know they all wanted to play for Chelsea, but not everyone can. I was just being honest with them and they appreciated that honesty. The club did a lot for these players.”

UEFA Nations League – Finals

Belgium’s golden generation miss another chance at silverware – The Warm-Up

08/10/2021 AT 08:06

World Cup Qualification UEFA

Abraham ‘won’t stop’ until he’s one of world’s best strikers

07/10/2021 AT 08:24

Benzema puede con todos

Que Karim Benzema ha iniciado la temporada en una excepcional punto de forma, probablemente el mejor de su carrera, no es ningún secreto. A sus 33 años y tras su retorno a la selección francesa el pasado verano, Benzema luce números que podrían rivalizar con los que solía acumular quien fuese su mejor compañero de baile en el Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo: 10 goles y siete asistencias en diez partidos. En Liga, son 9 goles y 7 asistencias en apenas 709 minutos, participando en una diana cada 44 minutos, nada menos.

Tanto es así que fuera de las fronteras españolas ya ven a Benzema como el mejor jugador de Europa en el momento. Así lo ve Sky Sports, en concreto el sistema estadístico patentado por la cadena británica, el Sky Sports Power Rankings, que valora futbolistas a partir de 35 variables diferentes (no sólo goles y asistencias) y que, en palabras del propio canal, “se deshace de toda subjetividad”.

Benzema, por encima de Salah, Mbappé, Haaland…

Basado en ese programa estadístico, Benzema aparece como el mejor jugador de las cinco grandes ligas europeas en este momento, con 22,881 puntos para él, seguido de Salah (20,640), Haaland (19,164) y Mbappé (18,781). Este dato se basa en cuestiones tan dispares como las recuperaciones, las pérdidas, los duelos ganados, los regates, los pases buenos, las ocasiones creadas… Pero si se circunscribe sólo a la participación en goles, es decir, a los goles marcados o a las asistencias dadas, también Benzema se alza como el número uno.

Benzema ha participado en 16 goles en Liga, entre tantos marcados (9) y asistidos (7); el segundo de la lista, muy lejos, es Haaland, con 7 goles y 3 asistencias, diez participaciones en total. Luego van Salah y Wirtz, con nueve participaciones cada uno, y varios jugadores con ocho entre los que aparecer Immbobile o Lewandowski.