Draymond Green: 3 best destinations in 2023 NBA free agency

The Golden State Warriors are facing uncertainty this offseason, as the team will likely look different from the 2022 and 2023 iterations when all is said and done. President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers has decided to step down from his post. Klay Thompson is extension-eligible, and Draymond Green can become an unrestricted free agent if he does not exercise his $27 million player option.

The flexibility of the Warriors is limited because they have Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole signed to long term extensions as well. With the new CBA agreement, the addition of the second apron will limit the chances of the Warriors to retain their main core.

If Green decides he wants to get one last bag in the peak of his NBA career, the demand will be at a high level for an outstanding defender and superb leader.

The suitors for Green will be tremendous, but these are the three best organizations for him to land in the offseason.

Draymond Green NBA free agency landing spots

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Dallas Mavericks

The first team that comes to mind when analyzing an organization that fills-in the vital tasks of Draymond Green is the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, the Mavs have Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving as legendary scorers on their squad, but they lack the sufficient defenders and connectors on their lineup.

The roles are not solidified in Dallas, but that would not be the case if Draymond decides to team up with Doncic and Irving.

The loss of guys like Dorian Finney-Smith and Jalen Brunson were tough to stomach for Mavs fans, but the Green acquisition would boost the performance of their team again.

Similar to the role of Nikola Jokic or Domantas Sabonis, Green will put Doncic and Irving in better position to rack up buckets, which in turn will increase the confidence of their other teammates because defensive schemes will focus on Dallas’ stars.

Phoenix Suns

Following another devastating loss in the Western Conference Semifinals, rumors have been circulating that the Phoenix Suns must alter some of the pieces in their core.

Monty Williams has left the organization, but there are some who feel that Chris Paul and/or Deandre Ayton must be moved in the offseason. If the Suns opt to remodel their roster, Draymond Green would be the perfect complement to Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

Green does not need the ball on offense to be effective, and he can focus on his responsibilities in the defensive end of the floor. Furthermore, he can be an effective distributor and initiator in the second unit of Phoenix, which was a massive weakness they possessed in the 2023 postseason.

Green and Durant had beef in the past, but their chemistry and relationship has a solid foundation, which is integral for a move to the Suns to be plausible for Green.

Los Angeles Lakers

How can it not be more obvious and evident that the Los Angeles Lakers is the best destination for Draymond Green if he decides to leave the Bay Area? One of his closest friends and business partner LeBron James is the leader of the squad, who will welcome Green with open arms.

Green, James, and Anthony Davis are part of Klutch Sports, which is a sports agency founded by James’ childhood friend Rich Paul.

The personality of Green fits perfectly with the Lakers, along with his incredible relationship with James and Davis. The perimeter shooting can be an issue with three non-shooters on the floor, so Rob Pelinka will need to tweak his roster again.

D’Angelo Russell is an unrestricted free agent, while Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura are restricted free agents, so the Green addition makes sense for the big L.A. splash in the 2023 offseason.

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Bob Myers pinpoints exact moment he started thinking about leaving Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have yet to make any roster decisions this offseason, but they’ve already been dealt a huge blow with the departure of GM Bob Myers.

Myers parts ways after a dozen campaigns with the franchise. He served as the architect that ultimately built around Stephen Curry to form the dynasty in Golden State that ruled the 2010s. While he leaves now a year removed from a championship in 2022, the seeds of his potential exit have been growing for years now.

During his press conference following the announcement, Bob Myers admitted that it’s been a thought ever since the team failed to complete their three-peat back in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, via Tristi Rodriguez of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“[In] 2019 we had been in the Finals five years in a row — and that’s a lot,” Bob Myers said Tuesday afternoon. “That’s exactly what you want. That’s exactly what you do it for. I had to figure out then what was left. Finals take a lot out of you. So four years ago I thought, ‘Can I keep doing this and how can I keep doing it?’

To Myers, it goes beyond just making a few big decisions. The mental strain and complete focus necessary to maximize Stephen Curry’s prime and the Warriors roster around him while juggling a dozen or more other tasks is indeed a heavy burden. So much so that he had to compartmentalize thinking about the decision until after the season was over.

“But you think about it, I’ve thought about it. But really I wanted to go through this season just focused on the season and then when the season ended, I started thinking, ‘Do I have what is required to do it the way I know it needs to be done?’

Bob Myers will forever be immortalized as one of the titans who helped build something special in the Bay Area. Warriors fans won’t soon forget the name.

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RUMOR: Bob Myers in talks for next job post-Warriors dynasty – but it’s not in the NBA

Given his track record with the Golden State Warriors, there is very little doubt that Bob Myers will receive a lot of offers from opposing NBA franchises now that he’s announced his decision to step down from his high-ranking post with the Dubs. As it turns out, one particular organization has already shown a real interest in hiring Myers, but apparently, it’s not in the NBA.

According to Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, ESPN has been keeping tabs on Myers’ current situation. So much so, that the sports media giant has reportedly already entered talks with Myers on a potential role with the company:

“ESPN has expressed an interest in hiring Bob Myers, the Golden State Warriors executive who stepped down as president and general manager on Tuesday. The talks are very early on, sources told Front Office Sports,” McCarthy wrote in his report.

To be clear, we have not been able to verify this rumor, and at this point, this is the only source we have been able to cite. If these are indeed true, however, then it seems clear that Bob Myers won’t be jobless for very long, in spite of his earlier indication of wanting to step back from the sport a bit.

Then again, technically speaking, he won’t be in the NBA if he ends up taking the ESPN job. It will obviously still have a lot to do with the league, but at this point, it remains unclear if he’s going to take on a role in front of the camera for ESPN or if he will be taking on a high-ranking post behind the scenes as an executive. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

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Warriors’ Draymond Green drops ‘dicey’ Tyler Herro take ahead of potential NBA Finals return

The Miami Heat have an intriguing dilemma with Tyler Herro ahead of the NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green weighed in on how he believes they should handle the unique situation.

Tyler Herro has yet to play since his April 16th injury during Game 1 of the Heat-Bucks series in the very first round. He successfully had hand surgery a few days later with an initial timetable of 4-6 weeks. He’ll be in Week 7 of recovery once the NBA Finals begin, with Draymond considering it a “dicey” proposition to deploy him under the wrong circumstances.

“Now, that’s a very dicey thing,” said the Warriors star on his Draymond Green Show podcast. “When you’ve missed the amount of time that Tyler Herro has and you’ve gotten the rhythm that the guys have gotten into. Duncan Robinson, Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, Kyle Lowry. All the guys off the bench. Caleb Martin. All of those guys are in rhythm.”

The Heat have managed to not only stay above water but pull off upset after upset without Tyler Herro. His absence has empowered other rotation players to step up, particularly Duncan Robinson and Caleb Martin who might not have gotten as much burn otherwise.

But on the other hand, Herro was a 20-point scorer for the Heat this season and their most consistent outside shooter averaging three triples per contest. A healthy Tyler Herro couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. Draymond Green acknowledges that, but the Warriors star offered a more strategic way of integrating him back into the lineup.

“He’s too talented not to bring back. But I wouldn’t slot him into rotation. Why wouldn’t I slot him into rotation? Well, again, remember all the guys that I just spoke about having a rhythm? I don’t want to mess with that rhythm.

So what I’m going to save Tyler Herro for is when I need a spark. Like if I need a spark, say we go down one, oh, we go down two, oh, we need a spark. Tyler comes in, he gets it going.”

In other words: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Heat can test the waters without him at first, like the Warriors veteran is suggesting. With how formidable the Denver Nuggets have looked, they’re bound to need a change of pace at some point. Who better than Erik Spoelstra to decide when exactly to do that.

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3 reasons Warriors’ dynasty will endure despite Bob Myers’ exit

Bob Myers stepped down as the Golden State Warriors president and general manager on Tuesday. It is a big move for the future of the Warriors dynasty, as he helped build the roster that won four NBA Finals in San Francisco. He won two executive of the year awards at the helm of the Warriors, and he will now be a highly coveted name for organizations looking for proven executive leadership. Despite the exit, there is still plenty of time for the Warriors dynasty to endure and even return to the top of the totem pole.

Bob Myers was essentially the architect of the Warriors team that has found so much success over the last decade. He had key relationships with the primary members of the Warriors dynasty: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr. It will be tough for all of them to see a key leader go, but it will not stop any of the four from still competing for NBA championships. As they take their respective time to say goodbye to Myers, expect them each to focus on the 2023-2024 season when the time is right. The Warriors will once again be ready to add on to their legacy come October. There are many reasons why the Warriors’ dynasty will endure, but three in particular standout.

Here are three reasons why the Warriors’ dynasty will endure despite Bob Myers’ exit.

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Stephen Curry is still a Golden State Warrior

Stephen Curry is most likely going to retire with the Golden State Warriors. This means that for the rest of his career, the Warriors will be contenders. Curry has been the catalyst of the dynasty and has already cemented his place in NBA history as the best shooter of all time. Despite being such an incredible shooter, he is also an extremely proficient winner. He has willed the Warriors to multiple championships over the course of his career, including in 2022 when many expected the Warriors dynasty to be over. Last year’s championship suggests the Warriors can never be counted out as long as they have Stephen Curry.

This year’s Warriors team was simply not that good, yet Stephen Curry was able to push them all the way into the second round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs. They wouldn’t have even made it out of the first round if it wasn’t for an historic 50 point Game 7 performance from Curry against the Sacramento Kings. If the Warriors can really upgrade in anyway, they will be contenders as long as Curry is on the floor. Losing Bob Myers is tough, but the Warriors dynasty is still alive with Stephen Curry running the show.

Steve Kerr is still the head coach

Along with Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr has made it clear he wants to remain with the Warriors for the rest of his career. Kerr has coached the Warriors dynasty perfectly, building a system that allows all of his key players to play symbiotically. With Kerr on the sidelines, the Warriors will always be one of the more player friendly places to play with the free flowing style he has implemented. Kerr also understands the key players over the course of this dynasty more than anyone else, and he will continually remind them of their championship DNA until the time is right for him to walk away. With Kerr as head coach, the Warriors dynasty is alive.

Not only is Steve Kerr a championship winning head coach, but he was a championship winning player as well. Winning is truly in his being and hence has been instilled in the Warriors organization; his presence will allow the mojo of their dynasty to survive long passed Bob Myers’ exit. Steve Kerr is due for a new contract this summer and expect it to be fulfilled by the Warriors organization. They will want to maintain their dynasty as long as possible, and that means holding onto Steve Kerr.

Oh yeah…Draymond Green and Klay Thompson

While Stephen Curry runs the show, the big three will still be rounded out for years to come. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will also retire as Warriors if everything goes as planned. This suggests that the big three have plenty of years left to give and will keep the Warriors dynasty alive and well as long as they are suiting up. Even with their growing age, they have proven that their chemistry and ability to develop their games will keep them competitive. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson will keep the Warriors contenders for the foreseeable future.

A dynasty is always hard to maintain, which is why there are so few of them. However, the Warriors have already proven to be a different type of dynasty by securing their fourth NBA Finals win last season. Many thought their run was over, but it is simply prudent to now always give them a chance. The big three alongside Steve Kerr is a winning group and always will be as long as they are on the floor. Again, losing Bob Myers is a sad day for the organization. However, expect the Warriors dynasty to remain with the primary pieces still in tact.

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Stephen A. Smith reveals shocking ‘worthy of supermax’ list headlined by Stephen Curry, LeBron James

The NBA offseason has officially gotten underway for all but two teams in the league, meaning discussions are becoming more focused on how to improve for next season, rather than looking back on what went wrong this year. One of the biggest pieces of the offseason involves which players will get, or are worth, supermax deals from their team, leading Stephen A. Smith to create his own list of players worthy of a supermax deal.

Supermax contracts allow teams the ability to pay their best players more money in order to incentivize these players to not test the open market and stick with their current team. Not every player qualifies for these sorts of deals, which makes them a bit of a rarity. So with the offseason only just getting underway, Smith outlined a surprising list of five players he believes are deserving of supermax deals, headlined by Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

While Curry and James are certainly still good players, it’s a bit confusing to see Smith would hand them supermax deals over any other player in the NBA. Curry is 35, while James is 38, and these deals tie up players to huge money for long periods of time. While they are good now, they may not necessarily be the case by the time these deals are up.

Handing out this sort of deal to young stars like Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum makes more sense, because they will likely remain extremely productive throughout the entirety of the deal. Either way, it doesn’t seem very likely that any of these guys will be receiving a supermax extension this offseason anyways, but this is certainly an odd list from Smith.

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Draymond Green explains why Celtics shouldn’t break up their current core

The Boston Celtics collapse in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat has seen them get trolled pretty hard in recent days, and unsurprisingly, Draymond Green on the Golden State Warriors has been part of the crowd. After the Warriors beat the Celtics in the Finals last year, Green has largely opted to keep on rubbing salt in Boston’s wounds.

However, in the middle of his trolling of the C’s, Green opted to hand out some real advice to the team after another disappointing playoff result. Many fans are calling for the team to break up their current core after crashing out of the postseason again, but Green believes that would be a foolish decision, and explained why he thinks Boston needs to keep their team together.

The Celtics have made it to the ECF in five of the past seven years, but they only have one Finals appearence and no rings to show for it. Unsurprisingly, the team and their fans are getting frustrated with the lack of results, leading to calls for the current squad to be broken up this offseason. But according to Green, that would be a foolish decision for the C’s.

Green certainly knows what it takes to win a championship in the NBA, and it is worth noting that it also took the Warriors a bit of time to establish themselves as a perennial championship threat before they won their first title in 2015. While they haven’t won yet, maybe the same thing could happen to the Celtics, which is why Green is advising them to not make any rash decisions after another crushing postseason defeat.

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Knicks fans are salivating at the idea of Bob Myers amid Warriors exit

The New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors haven’t shared many similarities over the years. They did, however, see a similar departure this past week as both teams parted ways with their respective general managers: Bob Myers for the Warriors and Scott Perry for the Knicks.

As the architect behind building the Stephen Curry-led dynasty, teams with open front office jobs are understandably dreaming of potentially luring in Myers to lead their franchise.

Knicks fans are no different. With the timing of the announcements, Twitter has been rife with Bob Myers-to-New York chatter from orange and blue avatars.

A handful of them believe the signs are all there, ala Brian Windhorst calling the Utah Jazz blow-up.

Some Knicks fans are even more optimistic, celebrating as if he already agreed to switch coastlines.

Some Knicks fans resorted to begging while others made some rather unsavory offers in exchange for New York to get it done.

However, the stars may not be as aligned as many fans think. Knicks insider Steve Popper, who was one of the first to break the news of Scott Perry’s looming departure, was adamant in that the timing did not indicate Bob Myers was coming to the Big Apple.

A few Knicks fans also had a more pragmatic viewpoint about everything, with Leon Rose having done a respectable job thus far with the current roster since taking over three seasons ago.

Knicks fans can dream of hiring Bob Myers, but none of them should be holding their breath.

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Kevin Durant drops Warriors throwback amid Bob Myers exit

Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant may have been long gone from the Golden State Warriors, but there’s no doubt he remains appreciative of his time with the franchise. That much is clear as he paid tribute to Bob Myers, who announced his departure from the team on Tuesday.

In a press conference, Myers confirmed that he is stepping down from his post as the Warriors’ president and general manager. It came after the Dubs failed to defend their title in the 2023 playoffs, losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals.

As tributes and loving messages for Myers pour in, Durant also made sure to show the former Golden State exec some love. After all, Myers had a big role in bringing KD to the Bay Area back in 2016 as he engineered one of the best teams ever assembled in the history of the league.

On his Instagram Story, Durant uploaded a photo of him and Myers after they won their second straight title in 2018. Durant won Finals MVP back then. While Durant didn’t put any caption on his post, his message was loud and clear: he respects Myers and enjoyed their time together while it lasted.

Aside from Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry also took to social media to honor Bob Myers. In a heartfelt message, he thanked Myers not only for being a great GM, but also for being an awesome human being and good friend.

“Before the trophies and the memories over this run, I remember I told you ‘you better get it right!’ And you did. The GM role was great and you did your thing, but Forever grateful for you as a friend forever. Changed each other’s lives! Enjoy the next chapter my guy,” Curry shared.

While Myers would have probably wished his last year with the Dubs ended with a title, there’s no denying that he has done a lot for the franchise.

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Bob Myers speaks out on ‘what’s next’ for him after shocking Warriors exit

Bob Myers shocked the basketball world on Tuesday after announcing his decision to leave the Golden State Warriors. There was a lot of talk surrounding Myers’ looming exit, but at the end of the day, it still took a lot of folks by surprise the moment he actually announced his intention to step down as the Dubs’ president and general manager.

Naturally, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds revolves around the reasoning behind Myers’ stunning decision. Did he get a better offer somewhere else and is this decision motivated by his desire to move on to greener pastures?

Well, this does not seem to be the case. According to Myers himself, he is currently at a crossroads in his career. At this point, he honestly does not know what the future holds for him:

“Well, my wife said we’re gonna get a drink maybe on the way home,” Myers responded when asked what’s next for him. “… I don’t know that answer, and I guess I don’t need to know that answer. I’m in a narrow lane because I love basketball so much, but I don’t know. I’ve never really stopped going. I went right from an agent to [joining the Warriors]. … Maybe it will be good for me to sit still. I don’t know how good I’ll be at it but I’ve actually never done it. Maybe figure things out. I don’t know what’s coming.”

It sounds like Myers is going to go on a hiatus for a bit, but even he admits that he isn’t sure how well this will work out for him.

What you can be sure of, however, is that given his resume, there will be no shortage of offers for Bob Myers in and around the NBA. He may have already indicated his desire to have some time off, but this likely won’t prevent suitors from putting massive offers for him on the table. My fearless forecast here is that Mr. Myers will be back in the league in a year’s time — if not much sooner.

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