Howie Roseman continues to rough up the NFL in trades

Howie Roseman is getting those elbows in.

The bully on the block in the NFL is Howie Roseman. Other NFL general managers need to hide under their desks when he calls, because he is coming for their lunch money. For the second consecutive NFL Draft, Roseman has used the three days to significantly upgrade his roster both with rookie, and veteran talent.

He has once again done this without getting anywhere close to gutting the Philadelphia Eagles’ current or future draft capital, and also without sending away any valuable players. The key word in the definition of the verb “trade” is the word “exchange.” The first definition of that word as a transitive verb: “To part with, give, or transfer in consideration of something received as an equivalent.”

Roseman’s goals during the draft have nothing to do with equality. He is looking to take advantage of any disgruntlement in other NFL locker rooms, or any player in the draft who he believes is talented and doesn’t need a top-five pick to select.

On the first day of the draft, he moved up one spot from No. 10 to No. 9 in order to select Jalen Carter — arguably the most talented player in the entire draft. He was dinged for off-the-field concerns after pleading no contest to misdemeanor driving offenses for his involvement in an alleged racing incident that resulted in the other car crashing, killing a Georgia player, and staffer. Carter also showed up to his Pro Day out of shape after having to resolve that legal matter.

For the Eagles to move up one spot to select Carter, it cost them their No. 10 pick and a fourth-rounder in 2024. Roseman basically gave up a Day 3 pick next year in order to draft a player who will likely become one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

That makes two seasons in a row where Roseman made a move to acquire a potential perennial All-Pro talent on the defensive line. Last year, he moved up two spots in the first round to select Jordan Davis. It cost him three 2022 picks, but all of them were on Day 3.

Roseman closed the 2023 NFL Draft by going after a talented veteran unhappy with his current situation. His spidey senses started buzzing so hard that he probably stumbled after the Detroit Lions selected Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round. No way was that going to sit right with D’Andre Swift, who averaged 5.1 yards per carry last season.

To help the Lions with any grumpiness in their locker room, on Saturday Roseman exchanged 2023 seventh-rounders, and sent a 2025 fourth, to take Smith off Detroit’s hands so they could preserve team chemistry. Basically for a pick two years from now, they get a bonafide replacement for leading rusher Miles Sanders. This fall, the repetitive kick in the gut that is the Eagles’ rushing attack will feature Swift, Rashaad Penny — who has averaged better than six yards per carry the last two seasons — and their quarterback who squats like a fullback, Jalen Hurts.

Last season, Roseman constructed one of the best wide receiving corps in the NFL by acquiring A.J. Brown, who the Tennessee Titans did not want to pay. He sent the Titans the Eagles’ No. 18 pick — again they were still able to draft Davis at No. 13 — and a third-rounder.

Roseman is walking up behind NFL general managers at the lunch table and slapping all of them on the back of the head while at the same time taking french fries off of their trays.

For two straight drafts, Roseman has been the Deebo to the NFL’s Red. He is taking what he wants when he wants to make his team dominant. Instead of “Dreams and Nightmares”, the Eagles’ new anthem should be Mobb Deep’s “Give up the Goods.”

If I was an NFL GM, every time I see a 215 area code on my cell phone I would deadbolt my doors, and put chairs under the knobs. Then, in general manager group chat, I would send out “Howie’s coming,” along with a GIF of Omar from The Wire.

Howie Roseman is a rough customer, and the rest of the NFL is going to have to find a way to provide some resistance to keep him from continually taking their cookies.

Nick Saban made sure you knew he was the NFL Draft

Where does one obtain a ballet slippers pink suit? Asking for a friend.

I see what you’re doing Nick Saban. You knew that you were going to have two players selected top five in the NFL Draft, and you were not about to let that recruiting opportunity go to waste. It was time to remind the world who the true boss is in college football.

So what if Kirby Smart has won the last two National Championships, Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide just produced the first offensive and defensive player selected in the draft. Until Smart decides to start a real live explosive football player at quarterback, he will never be able to sell that to recruits. Being that he doesn’t put those types of players behind center, of course he certainly doesn’t have to swag to pull off Saban’s outfit from Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Everybody look at Nick

When the draft broadcast showed Bryce Young’s area in the green room — a.k.a the lobby at Kansas City’s Union Station — Saban was in the group looking like he’s Cam’Ron’s godfather. I know that the throwback style of the aughts is making a comeback, but a pink sports jacket and tie, somebody wanted to stand out on Thursday night.

That’s a true salesman right there folks. When Jalen Carter got selected by the Philadelphia Eagles, if you blinked you would have missed Smart dressed like a speaker at CPAC. Saban certainly has a reputation for being a hard ass but he has also gone viral doing the Cupid Shuffle at a recruit’s home — and very well I might add. I wonder if of the many people on the Alabama football staff, Saban has a quality control assistant in charge of keeping him crisp on line dances he’ll have to perform on the recruiting trail.

Recruiting never stops

In the age of NIL, no potential advantage should be left unexplored. Athens is certainly a much more active college town than Tuscaloosa, and also has a celebrity fan base that is much more relatable to a teenager than anyone who might appear on an Alabama sideline other than former players.

Alabama lost the SEC last year, but it did win the recruiting war. Both Rivals and 24/7 Sports ranked The Tide’s 2023 class as the best in America. Saban may be nearly 25 years older than Smart, but he isn’t ready to cede his throne as the godfather of college football just yet.

The outfit choice was an alpha move. He stepped out ready for a 50-and-over night at a Kansas City jazz joint. With Young and Will Anderson going No. 1 and No. 3, he is using draft night as a national television commercial. He’s telling recruits, “Yeah you can go to Georgia, but the man with the master plan is in Alabama.”

Is Jalen Carter going to wind up in Detroit?

The talent is there, it’s the off-the-field issues that should bring teams pause

With one day left from Day One of the NFL Draft, folks are either speculating about what teams will do, making stuff up to look cool on Twitter, or watching the clock until the event begins in Kansas City. So of course, the Detroit Lions had to make headlines again — this time about a potential draft selection.

According to ESPN Detroit Lions reporter Eric Woodyard, former Georgia defensive tackle could be in play according to what Lions general manager Brad Holmes said at a recent media availability.

“He came in and he did a nice job. Again, it’s always case by case. He came in, we enjoyed our time with him, he did a nice job,” Holmes said about Carter’s visit. “I’ll say even after he left his visit, I felt better about him.”

The Lions have the sixth and 18th picks on Thursday, and the 48th and 55th picks in the second round. Carter was a unanimous All-American at UGA, however, last month, he was arrested and charged with reckless driving and racing stemming from his alleged involvement in the fatal crash that killed Bulldog teammate Devin Willock and staff member Chandler LeCroy in January. (Carter was booked and posted a $4,000 bond. He pleaded no contest to misdemeanor driving offenses and received one year of probation and a $1,000 fine.) He followed that up with a horrible showing at his Pro Day in which he didn’t finish all of his drills.

Detroit Lions recently suspended players

Just last week, the Lions made news when Quintez Cephus, C.J. Moore, Stanley Berryhill, and Jameson Williams were four of the five players who were suspended by the league for gambling policy violations. Cephus and Moore are suspended for at least all of this upcoming season and can petition for reinstatement when the season is over. Berryhill and Williams are out for the first six games but can participate in all offseason and preseason activities — including preseason games. Their suspension begins when final roster cuts are made.