Phelps targets golfing gold at Rio 2016 Olympics

Phelps targets golfing gold at Rio 2016 Olympics. 22 time Olympic medallist, Michael Phelps, ruled out a return to the pool at the next Olympic Games during a visit to Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, but the American would come out of retirement to represent the USA on the golf course.

Michael Phelps, former U.S. Olympic Swimmer:
“You know, I think it’s a good opportunity for me to be able to come down here more leading up to the Olympics, seeing more of the city… just experiencing it. I know my Mom wants to. I have already told her I will not be competing, so, do not get her hopes up… uh… rather in the pool. If I, somehow, become an amazing golfer maybe, bit I find that very unlikely over the next three years.”

“You know, as an American, sure it is very sad to be able to see what Lance (Armstrong, former cyclist) is going through. And… You know, I think… as a country we support all of our athletes and we want them to do their best so, you know, obviously when everything did come out it was very sad… It’s got to be hard… that’s all I can really say about it, you know… whatever he did, he chose… I’m always focused on what I have to do, worrying about what I’m doing myself.”

“I’m kind of nervous to go back home because I don’t know if my house is going to be under water or not. It will be an interesting trip. I know that we will all sort of bounce back from everything that is going on. It’s kind of wild seeing all the pictures and all the coverage – it’s all I have been watching really since I have been here. It’s sad. it’s part of life.”

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