Formula 1 Grand Prix: 1993 Season Review – Part 3 – Race Two Brazil

Race Two: Brazil

Brazil was Senna’s home race but he was able to do nothing to prevent the Williams being 1–2 in qualifying with Prost on pole ahead of Hill. Senna was third ahead of Schumacher, Andretti and Patrese. At the start, Senna got ahead of Hill. Behind him, Andretti overreacted to an aggressive manoeuvre from Wendlinger and moved right into the path of Berger, with whom he collided. Andretti then crashed heavily into the tyre barriers, pirouetting airborne directly over Berger’s car, but thankfully both were uninjured. Those two, along with Brundle and Fabrizio Barbazza’s Minardi were out. The order was: Prost, Senna, Hill, Schumacher, Patrese and Lehto.

Patrese only lasted until the fourth lap when his suspension failed. While Prost motored away, Senna was under pressure from Hill who took second on lap 11. On lap 25, Senna was issued a stop-go penalty for lapping a backmarker under yellow flags and dropped behind Schumacher. There was a rainstorm, and many drivers spun, two retiring. Fittipaldi spun on lap 30 with his car on the track. He was trying to rejoin when Prost, about to lap him, ran straight into him. Both were out and the new Safety Car was sent out. At this point, Hill was leading Schumacher, Senna, Alesi, Lehto and Karl Wendlinger.

It began to dry and everyone stopped for dry tyres, with Schumacher’s car falling off its jack. He rejoined behind Senna with Johnny Herbert and Blundell gaining. Then, Senna passed Hill for the lead and pulled away. Behind, Schumacher and Alesi had stop-go penalties for passing under yellow flags, Schumacher dropping to fifth and Alesi going down to ninth. Schumacher passed Blundell and then Herbert to take third. Senna won from Hill, Schumacher, Herbert, Blundell and Alessandro Zanardi.

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