Honkai Star Rail Leaks – Huohuo Skills

Huohuo is an upcoming playable character to Honkai Star Rail. Check out the Huohuo leaks here, including her Skills, Traces, and more.

Huohuo was recently officially revealed as a playable character, which you can read about here.

Honkai Star Rail – Huohuo Leaks

Note that the information below does not come from an official source and may not represent Huohuo exactly upon her release. The descriptions were also translated into English, which may cause the proper names of effects and abilities to differ from the eventual official version. Details below are subject to changes.

There are multiple versions of Huohuo that are circulating in the community. Her kit has been floating around as early as a month ago, and the version below is the latest iteration of her that we can find. Still, it’s still a long way until she’s officially revealed, so take the information below with a grain of salt.


Despite her lack of presence in the live game, much is already known about Huohuo.

“She is part of the Commission of the Ten Lords of Xianzhou Luofu. She is a small fox possessed by Suiyang. Cowardly, weak, and afraid of all sorts of strange things, but tasked with eliminating demons.”

Huohuo is a 5-star Wind character following the Path of Abundance. Her skills revolve around restoring HP as well as Energy to her party members.

Normal Attack 

Deals ?% of Huohou’s ATK as Wind DMG to a target enemy.

Skill – Soul Talisman: Life-saving Protection

Restores HP to a single ally based on ?% + ? of Huohuo’s ATK and ?% + ? of Huohuo’s ATK for the rest of the party members.

Ultimate – Tail: Exorcising Ghosts and Summoning Spirits

Restores Energy for all party members except for Huohuo herself based on ?% of their Energy cost, and increases all party members’ ATK by ?% for ? turns.

Talent – Attachment: Qi Channels Open to the Heavens

After casting a Skill, Huohuo obtains the Lives of the Sacrifice effect.

When Huohuo has Lives of the Sacrifice, all party members will restore HP based on Huohuo’s ATK at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns.

After casting Ultimate, Huohuo obtains the Spiritual Experience effect.

When Huohuo has Spiritual Experience, all party members will restore Energy based on ?% of their Energy cost at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns.

Technique – Fierce Demon: Oppressing and Subduing Evil Spirits

Huohuo intimidates the surrounding enemies, causing them to fall into the Psionic Dispersion state. Enemies affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect will flee away to the opposite direction from Huohuo for ? seconds. When an enemy affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect joins the battle, they have a ?% chance of getting a ?% ATK reduction for ? turns.



  • If there is a character from the Erudition Path in the party, Huohuo’s Energy Regeneration Rate is increased by ?%.


  • Casting Huohuo’s Ultimate increases her own ATK by an additional ?%.


  • At the start of a battle, immediately restore ? Energy.

Light Cone

Her signature Light Cone provides bonus Energy Regeneration to the holder, and when the character equipping it heals a character, the healed party member is given an ATK buff.

Huohuo will be playable on Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5.

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Lies Of P Boss Weapons – How To Get Boss Weapons In Lies Of P

There are a total of forty weapons in Lies of P, both regular and special ones. The special ones in particular are very strong and will help the player throughout the game As such, in this guide, we will teach you about the various boss weapons that you can get in Lies of P.


Lies of P – Boss Weapons Guide

The weapons in Lies of P can be divided into two categories: Regular Weapons, and Special/Boss Weapons. The main difference between the two lies in the game’s Assembly feature. Once players can Disassemble and Assemble weapons, players can divide Regular Weapons into their Blade and Handle. They can then mix and match Blades and Handles from different weapons to create their perfect weapon. There are various things to consider when it comes to Weapon Assembly, such as the attack type, weight, and more, but that’s for another time.

For now, we’ll focus on the Special Boss weapons. Note that the weapons found in various locations, as well as purchasable weapons, are not included in this list. The Golden Lie weapon is also not included in this list, as although it is a Special weapon, it is not a Boss Weapon.

Boss Weapons

For starters, let’s talk about how to unlock the services of Alidoro the Hound. This is important as he will be the one who will give the player Boss Weapons. To recruit Alidoro, you must first make your way to St. Frangelico Cathedral, specifically the Stargazer in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. From there, make your way to the lift, which will bring you to the cathedral’s balcony. You will find Alidoro there. When he asks you for a place where he can take refuge, tell him about Hotel Krat.

Later on, you will find him in Hotel Krat’s west wing. Talk to him, and he will offer “legendary treasure” to the player. All he wants is the powerful Ergo the player gets from defeating the main bosses. Players can either consume the Ergo and receive a lot of regular Ergo, or hand it over to Alidoro for powerful weapons.

Below is a list of all the Special Boss Weapons in Lies of P, as well as which Boss-Type Ergo you need to get them.

  • Etiquette
    • Weapon Type: Dagger
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Broken Hero’s Ergo
  • Frozen Feast
    • Weapon Type: Greatsword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Reborn Champion’s Ergo
  • Holy Sword of the Ark
    • Weapon Type: Greatsword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: King Flame’s Ergo
  • Noblesse Oblige
    • Weapon Type: Large Blunt
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Fallen One’s Ergo
  • Proof of Humanity
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Nameless Puppet’s Ergo
  • Puppet Ripper
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed:  Burnt-White King’s Ergo
  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword
    • Weapon Type: Greatsword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Parade Leader’s Ergo
  • Trident of the Covenant
    • Weapon Type: Blunt
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Twisted Angel’s Ergo
  • Two Dragons Sword
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
  • Uoroboros’s Eye
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Boss-Type Ergo Needed: Sad Zealot’s Ergo

That’s it for our guide on all of the boss weapons players can get in Lies of P. Lies of P is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and PC through Steam. If you need a guide for the Lies of P Endings, as well as the Records Locations, we have that as well.

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2 potential Celtics trade candidates entering 2023-24 NBA training camp

The Boston Celtics always seem to be in the thick of trade rumors despite already being one of the more loaded teams in the NBA. That will likely continue to be the case as Brad Stevens continues to navigate the Celtics through a rather tumultuous final stretch in the 2023 offseason.

Though sportsbooks have the Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown-led Celtics as the favorite to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in June 2024, Boston still enters training camp with a ton of uncertainty. Newly acquired star Kristaps Porzingis is still dealing with a plantar fasciitis injury that kept the Latvian big man out of the 2023 FIBA World Cup. Meanwhile, Malcolm Brogdon also continues to deal with an elbow injury that he suffered during the 2023 NBA Playoffs. It remains to be seen whether Brogdon can be ready for camp because of the ailment.

On top of that, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year isn’t particularly on good terms with the organization. There were rumblings that Brogdon wasn’t pleased about the Celtics’ failed attempt to trade him to the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this offseason. But recently, new reports popped up that the 29-year-old wasn’t happy with the way Boston dealt with his injury during the playoffs.

Regardless of what Brogdon’s reasons are, it’s clear there is discontent on his part towards the team. While the Celtics are adamant that they don’t intend to trade Brogdon, especially with the regular season just around the corner, it’s still worth wondering what Brad Stevens is willing to pull off to improve their roster. With that said, here are two potential Celtics trade candidates ahead of the 2023-24 NBA training camp.

1. Malcolm Brogdon

To no one’s surprise, Malcolm Brogdon is the Boston Celtics’ top trade candidate entering training camp. As mentioned, Boston already tried to trade him during the initial Kristaps Porzingis trade, but the Clippers ended up backing out due to concerns with his health. The Celtics wound up keeping Brogdon and instead traded away fan favorite Marcus Smart to the Memphis Grizzlies to bring in Porzingis.

Even though Boston said they want to keep Brogdon into the season, trade discussions could still restart, especially with the number of other trade candidates popping up around the league. Buddy Hield is a potential target the Celtics could acquire and Brogdon is a realistic player to send back to the Indiana Pacers. The Celtics could also choose to go after Damian Lillard and Brogdon will likely be included in any package for the Portland Trail Blazers superstar.

Regardless, if the Celtics don’t want to enter with this baggage into the season, they should remain open to trading Brogdon before camp.

2. Robert Williams 

Another potential trade candidate for the Celtics is Robert Williams. Boston’s acquisition of Kristaps Porzingis makes Williams a little expendable, granted that the Latvian remains healthy the entire year. Nonetheless, Porzingis’ presence will bump Time Lord to the bench.

Add the fact that Williams has also gone through his fair share of injuries over the last couple of years. Williams has only exceeded the 60-game mark once in his five year career. He played just 35 games last season and was limited to just nearly 24 minutes a night.

Perhaps Brad Stevens could look to move him for a more durable player, while adding more versatility to Boston’s roster. The Celtics will likely continue to trot out two big man lineups with a three-big man rotation of Williams, Porzingis, and Al Horford. Trading Williams for perhaps a big wing can still allow Boston to play with size and go small.

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2 Saints to blame for brutal loss to Packers

The New Orleans Saints had a brutal loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. New Orleans led 17-0 at halftime before collapsing in the second half and losing 18-17.

The Saints’ first half was dominant, with quarterback Derek Carr leading the offense. Carr and New Orleans’s offense was able to move the ball downfield with a great passing attack. However, Carr got injured early in the third quarter as Rashan Gary sacked him. Carr was ruled out of the game and didn’t return. He suffered a sprained AC joint and is week-to-week going forward.

The Saints had Jameis Winston take over at quarterback for the remainder of the game, but the offense was never able to get going. While the offense struggled, the defense held strong through the third quarter. However, it all changed in the fourth quarter as Jordan Love and the Packers offense began to find a rhythm. Love made big play after big play, as New Orleans’ defense could not get a stop.

Green Bay was able to get the win in the final minutes of the game.

With that said, here are two Saints to blame for a brutal loss to the Packers.

2. Kicker Blake Grupe

Although New Orleans’ offense struggled mightily in the second half, they got in field goal range on their final drive. With a little over a minute left in the game, the Saints lined up for a 46-yard field goal. This brought on Blake Grupe, the rookie undrafted kicker, with a chance to take the lead as New Orleans trailed 18-17.

Grupe missed the kick wide right, which lost the game for the Saints as they didn’t have the timeouts to stop Green Bay from kneeling the game out. While there were plenty of other opportunities for New Orleans to win the game, they had a chance with the field goal, and Grupe missed it.

He deserves some of the blame for the loss.

1. Saints offensive line

The offensive line is what cost the Saints the most in this game. Green Bay was able to put a ton of pressure on the quarterback and limit the run game. Rashan Gary led the Packers’ pass rush with three sacks, while Kenny Clark also had a sack. Green Bay also had five tackles for loss and six quarterback hits.

The inability to protect the quarterback well in this game led to the Packers getting stops when it mattered most. It also led to Carr getting sacked by Gary on a play that would sideline him for at least the rest of the game.

Regardless of who is at quarterback, it’s important for them to have time in the pocket, or it can lead to a stagnant offense, which is what happened in the second half.

They also could not ignite the rushing attack, as New Orleans could not run the ball consistently. The Saints rushed for 77 yards on 22 carries for zero touchdowns. The rushing workload was divided between Tony Jones Jr., Kendre Miller, and Taysom Hill. Although these aren’t established rushers, the offensive line’s inability to open up holes for the running backs led to their struggles running the ball.

If New Orleans was able to protect the quarterback and open up the run game, it could’ve helped them emerge victorious.

It was a tough loss for the Saints, and they now could be without Carr as he deals with a shoulder injury. They will look to bounce back on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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2 potential Warriors trade candidates entering 2023-24 NBA training camp

There is one thing clear about the direction the Golden State Warriors are headed in as they enter the 2023-24 training camp: they want to win now. No more two timelines experiment. No more screwing around with Stephen Curry’s prime. Trading Jordan Poole for Chris Paul was indicative that the Warriors intend to maximize whatever window they have left with their championship trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

With that said, Golden State has done well in re-tooling its roster with smart and high-IQ veterans who can contribute right away and minimize errors that can deter the Warriors’ chances of winning a championship. Aside from Paul, they also signed Dario Saric and Corey Joseph to one-year deals. They also just recently brought in Rodney McGruder to a contract to compete for a roster spot in training camp. Golden State also conducted several workouts over the past week.

Steve Kerr is still deciding what to do with the Warriors starting lineup. Mike Dunleavy Jr. is still getting used to his new role as Warriors GM. But the former NBA veteran isn’t afraid to pull off moves — such as a Poole-Paul swap — that can help improve Golden State’s chances of lifting its fifth Larry O’Brien trophy over the last decade. With that said, here are two potential trade candidates for the Warriors ahead of the 2023-24 NBA training camp.

1. Gary Payton II

Dubs fans are not going to like this. If the Warriors were to make a move ahead of training camp, one potential trade candidate is Gary Payton II.

The Warriors did give up former No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman along with five second-round picks to bring Payton back to The Bay Area. But as much as Warriors Nation loves him because of his defense, hustle, and energy, Golden State might not need his services as much as it needs more size across its roster. Payton’s (contract with two years and $17.3 million remaining) also makes an asset, salary-wise, that can net a solid veteran role player.

Sure, Steve Kerr likes deploying the defensive specialist as a “little” big man because he plays way bigger than his 6-foot-3 size. Payton brings positive things to the table such as his smart rotations defensively and knack for coming up with defensive stops and swipes, even against bigger players. He also brings excitement from time to time with his high-flying dunks that get the Chase Center crowd up on its feet.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Payton is still undersized for the role he plays and would not be a good matchup against teams who play two big wings on the perimeter. Teams like the Clippers and the Celtics come to mind as bad matchups for Golden State because don’t have much size to deal with their plethora of lengthy players.

Golden State might also be better off giving Moses Moody more run as he has shown improvement on both sides of the floor. Moody is also a better option offensively as a more consistent threat from beyond the arc.

2. Brandin Podziemski

Another trade candidate is rookie Brandin Podziemski. Golden State selected Podziemski with the 19th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. While the 19-year-old showed a lot of promise, especially during his sophomore season at Santa Clara, he quite frankly will not be able to contribute in a major way in the Warriors’ pursuit for a championship this season.

Podziemski also didn’t have a great stint in the Las Vegas Summer League, which further suggests he won’t be a difference-maker right away. The only way he can make a contribution is if Mike Dunleavy Jr. is able to find a veteran whom they can acquire for him.

Should the Warriors look to trade him, Podziemski will likely be included in a package deal alongside another piece given Golden State’s salary situation. Still, he is an enticing young piece for a young team that has a veteran they can trade away on its roster.

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Warriors’ Rodney McGruder beef with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green explained

The Golden State Warriors have had an interesting offseason when it comes to the talent that they have brought in to fill out the roster. While they were able to ship Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards after his troubled season with the team, they brought in Chris Paul (as part of the Poole trade) and recently signed veteran wing Rodney McGruder heading to training camp. The problem is, both players have had a troubled history with the Warriors.

Golden State is known for its chemistry, and it is a big reason Steve Kerr’s men have won four championships in the last decade. With that said, the moves may come as a surprise, especially after the Poole trade. It seems the Dubs are prioritizing talent over chemistry, and it remains to be seen if that is the right approach. The saying goes that “winning cures all,” so the Warriors hope the players put their issues to the side and can just play well together on the court.

Speaking of McGruder, as he officially joins the Warriors, we look back at his beef with now-teammates Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and the rest of Golden State.

Warriors beef with Rodney McGruder: How it started

Following a January 30, 2021 game, Rodney McGruder, then a member of the Detroit Pistons, got into an altercation with some players from Golden State. The Pistons’ Wayne Ellington and the Warriors’ Juan Toscano-Anderson had been exchanging words throughout the night. After the Dubs came away with a victory, McGruder got into an argument with Toscano-Anderson over the prior trash-talking.

McGruder walked by the Warriors’ bench and got into a little scuffle with Toscano-Anderson. The incident occurred while an injured Klay Thompson was giving a postgame interview. Thompson saw the incident and said, “This dude might be out of the league soon; he is probably mad about that.”

Draymond Green also went on a rant after the game, defending his then-teammate. “When the f**k did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy? I don’t know, man, everybody in the league is tough these days,” Green said. “It’s crazy. I’ve seen a lot of tough guys this year. I don’t understand it.

“And don’t nobody do anything. Like if you really wanted to do something, you could have done it. Walking over there, talking s**t like he’s a tough guy. Get the hell out of here.”

Green clearly took exception with a role player talking up a storm and not doing anything about it, especially considering the Warriors were the team to come away with a win.

Warriors sign Rodney McGruder

McGruder and the Warriors have clearly made amends since. The altercation that sparked the legendary commentary by Thompson and Green was over two years ago. The Warriors have since won a championship, and they are a very different team than they were in 2021. Thompson is back from injury, and with one of the most expensive rosters in the sport, general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. has had to come up with creative ways to field a championship-level roster.

McGruder is by no means a star, but he is a proven veteran who can play minutes without hurting the team. His defensive prowess was enough to incentive Dunleavy to give him a contract for training camp, with a chance to make the team’s roster. McGruder is entering his eighth year in the league and is a career 5.8-points per-game scorer.

Green and McGruder appear to be on fine terms now. Ten months after the original altercation, the two were seen chatting it up during halftime of a Warriors-Pistons game.

The Warriors’ championship is closing as their core ages. They hope that McGruder can play spot minutes in emergencies and maybe even crack the Warriors rotation. It is a low-risk move, and the team can easily move on from the former Piston if chemistry issues remain prevalent.

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3 potential Clippers trade candidates entering 2023-24 NBA training camp

The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be in prime position once again to consolidate some of their best trade candidates to make a big acquisition before the start of the season. While it’s highly unlikely the Clippers will do anything involving Kawhi Leonard and Paul George a year before they finally move into their new arena in Inglewood, acquiring a good fit next to their two star forwards may be a priority as the championship window will only stay open for so long.

Health has been the biggest detriment to the Clippers’ success over the last four seasons with Leonard and George, but the Clippers have also failed to put a consistent supporting cast around them. While the depth of the roster has been impressive, there are still too many overlapping parts and tough decisions for head coach Ty Lue to make as training camp approaches. A clarifying trade that cleans up some of the rotation issues and simplifies things for Lue could be in order before the 2023-24 season.

If the Clippers choose to go that route, here are the three most likely trade candidates on the roster entering training camp.

Marcus Morris Sr.

Marcus Morris Sr. sticks out like a sore thumb with the rest of the Clippers starting lineup. While he technically provides spacing with his three-point shooting ability, Morris is a ball-stopper who often halts the flow of game with his pump fakes and one-dribble pull-up decisions. Morris has stepped up as a scorer when the Clippers have been shorthanded, but at full strength, his lack of speed, both physically and with his decision-making, is a bad fit next to Leonard and George.

Perhaps more importantly, Morris has a big expiring contract ($17 million) that the Clippers could use to go get a star in a trade. Building up enough salary to pull off such a deal is challenging without Marcus Morris, and he could easily be re-flipped around the trade deadline by any team who acquires him before training camp.

Marcus Morris has long been rumored as the Clippers most likely trade candidate — and was reportedly included in the failed deal for Boston Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon. Any discussion of a trade for the Clippers begins with him, and rightly so.

Robert Covington

Covington just hasn’t been able to find a consistent role in Ty Lue’s rotation, despite being one of the most active defenders on the roster and spark plug capable of changing the game off the ball. Covington is another player with a sizable expiring deal ($11.6 million) who might not mind a change of scenery given that he’s been in and out of the rotation during his time with the Clippers.

Covington would be coveted for his salary number more than his on-court production, but he’s a good player who hasn’t been able to fully show his capabilities buried behind all of the depth in Los Angeles. Like Morris, he’d have value on the buyout market or at the deadline for any team who acquired him now.

There’s a role for Covington if the forward logjam ever clears up, but as is, he’s a likely trade candidate for the Clippers this season.


Terance Mann

This isn’t a fun one to include, as Mann has been at the heart of some of the Clippers’ biggest and best moments over the last few years and is talented enough to really explode with more opportunity. Ultimately, though, if Ty Lue doesn’t see Mann as being worthy of more than 23 minutes a game, he’ll have more value to the Clippers as a trade asset than a rotation player.

The easy solution would be to just play Mann starters minutes and see where the chips fall, but the addition of Russell Westbrook at point guard complicates Mann’s fit next to Leonard and George. If the Clippers do end up stacking up trade chips and pushing all in for a high-salary star, Mann will be the first and most desirable player other teams will covet. In his prime at 26 years old and on a contract ($10.5 million a year) he can easily outplay, Mann is the Clippers’ key to getting another big name next to George and Leonard, if that’s the plan entering training camp.

It would be incredibly difficult to see the next best two-way player to Leonard and George leave in a trade, but if the Clippers want a legitimate third star, Mann is likely going to have to be included in any negotiations as the Clippers enter training camp and the 2023-24 NBA season.

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Why Bears must move on from Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears are 0-3 after a Week 3 41-10 blowout loss at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bears’ offense is struggling, and it starts with quarterback Justin Fields. While the signal-caller showed promise in 2022, this season has been a disaster. And unless things change soon, it is time for general manager Ryan Poles, head coach Matt Eberflus and the team to move on from the QB. Here are three reasons why.

Why the Bears must move on from Justin Fields

3. Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy aren’t using Fields correctly

There is no question that Justin Fields hasn’t been good this season. Through three games, he is 51-of-88 passing (58%) for 526 yards with three touchdowns and four interceptions. He also has 109 rushing yards on 24 attempts.

Last season, Fields ran 160 times for 1,143 yards. That didn’t win a ton of games, but the Bears looked a lot better when playing a quarterback run-based style. It’s incredibly strange that the offense doesn’t look like an old-school Wing-T rushing attack this season.

This season, head coach Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy are trying to make him a pocket passer for some reason, and that’s just not working. Fields has already said that “coaching” is making him play too “robotic” and that’s showing up in the games.

If the coaching staff stays — which it probably shouldn’t — then the Bears will be better off if they have a quarterback who can play the style the coaches want.

2. The head coach and QB need to be connected

Franchise quarterbacks work out best when the head coach helps draft them, which gives the coach a vested interest in the QB succeeding. The Bears haven’t done this in years, which is one of the reasons Matt Eberflus and company are trying to turn Justin Fields into something he’s not.

The Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky with John Fox as the team’s head coach. The team fired Fox after Trubisky’s rookie year, and Matt Nagy inherited Trubisky, a quarterback he wasn’t 100 percent in on. A few years later, Nagy helped draft Justin Fields. And guess what?

Chicago fired Nagy after Fields’ rookie year and brought in Eberflus.

To finally get the QB-head coach dynamic right, the Bears should get rid of Eberflus, get rid of Fields, and honestly, probably get rid of general manager Ryan Poles, too, and start fresh. Let the GM pick a coach, and the GM and coach pick the QB, and they can all live happily ever after.

1. The 2024 NFL Draft should be a good one for QBs

If the Bears do get rid of Justin Fields soon, 2024 could be the best year to do it. After two years of sub-par quarterback draft classes, the next one should be a banger.

The headline player of the 2024 NFL Draft is USC QB Caleb Williams, who won the Heisman Trophy last year and could conceivably win it again this year. After that, depending on what flavor of QB you like, there are a ton of different options.

Players like Drake Maye from North Carolina, Quinn Ewers from Texas, Shedeur Sanders from Colorado, Michael Penix Jr. from Washington, JJ McCarthy from Michigan, Bo Nix from Oregon, Jordan Travis from Florida State, Spencer Rattler from South Carolina, or Riley Leonard from Duke could all be future NFL QBs once this season ends and the pre-draft testing begins.

That is a big list to choose from. If the Bears can land the No. 1 pick at the end of this season like they did last campaign, Williams is a true franchise quarterback who would look great in the Windy City.

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3 Titans to blame for lifeless loss to Browns

After a brutal 27-3 loss in Week 3 to the Cleveland Browns where the Tennessee Titans looked completely ineffective on both sides of the ball, there are a lot of different directions you could point when playing the blame game. Here’s who should be looked at the closest when analyzing why the Titans were so lifeless in a Week 3 loss to the Browns.


Derrick Henry, RB

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. There are a myriad of issues that are behind King Henry only getting 11 carries for 20 yards against the Browns, including unimaginative playcalling, a failure to utilize play-action properly, and running into stacked boxes. There’s only so much Henry can do against 8-man fronts, but he still needs to be much more effective with his touches if the Titans want to have any hope of consistently winning games.

Derrick Henry has put up duds like this in the past and erupted the very next week for 200 yards, so it’s not time to panic just yet. But at 29 years old with a lot of tread on his tires, it is fair to wonder whether or not Henry is finally slowing down and if he’s closer to his 3.2 yards per carry this season than the 4.7 yards per carry he averages on his career. The Titans have been working in Tyjae Spears much more than expected to start the year, and it’s possible Henry isn’t playing anywhere close to 100 percent.

For the Titans to win games, Derrick Henry simply has to be his usual self, as the pass defense is too susceptible and Ryan Tannehill (more on him in a bit) can’t carry an offense. There were one or two opportunities to break off a big run against the Browns, but Henry and the Titans failed to capitalize.


Ryan Tannehill, QB

The Browns defense looks like one of the best units in the league, so any calls for Tannehill’s job by Titans fans are an overreaction. He gives the Titans the best chance to win every week, even if his ceiling is limited. If the Titans run game isn’t clicking, the offense is in big trouble no matter who is behind center.

Still, it would be nice to see Tannehill take less sacks (13 in 3 games) and throw more than one touchdown on 83 attempts. The Titans just don’t have any juice in the passing game right now, as the line isn’t holding up to let downfield routes develop and DeAndre Hopkins has been little more than a safety valve for Tannehill. Something needs to change with this passing game, as Treylon Burks isn’t playing well and the Titans aren’t threatening safeties nearly enough.

Can Ryan Tannehill right the ship? The next three games (CIN, IND, BAL) before the Week 7 bye could determine how much longer he remains the starting quarterback. If the Titans can’t get their ground game going, they may need to manufacture some big plays with a faster, more athletic quarterback behind center. Tannehill has earned the right to at least see the next three games through, however.


Kristian Fulton, DB

Fulton was routinely toasted in coverage on Sunday against Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore, and is currently ranked 100th out of 102 cornerbacks in overall grade by Pro Football Focus. The Titans have been a total pass funnel through three weeks this season, allowing opposing quarterbacks to sling it all over the field. That’s a bad recipe for a team that wants to keep scores low, and Fulton getting regularly burned isn’t helping matters one bit.

The Titans have arguably the best run defense in the league, allowing 2.6 yards per attempt, but that hardly matters if teams can throw it beyond the sticks every down. Fulton simply has to player, and the Titans need to adjust schematically to keep their corners off an island moving forward after this Week 3 debacle.

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Dallas Turner and 2 college football players with skyrocketing 2024 NFL Draft stock

One of the beauties of watching and following college football is that there’s something different for everyone to enjoy. Obviously, fans and alma mater of certain universities will have their allegiances to root for, but every game has something for the innocent bystander. Some people just want to watch a good game. Others may have money on a certain.

And there are also NFL fans who want a glimpse of the next stars who are about to enter the league. Every week provides an opportunity for followers of college football to watch these prospects. Many of these players, chief among them Alabama’s Dallas Turner, had standout performances in Week 4 of college football. Three in particular stood out amongst the rest.

Dallas Turner

There were big shoes to fill among Alabama’s pass rush after Will Anderson Jr. got selected third overall in the 2023 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans. Luckily for Alabama, they have Dallas Turner filling those shoes for the Crimson Tide. Turner, a 6-4, 242-pound edge rusher out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had just four sacks last season after he had 8.5 sacks as a freshman. Turner has already exceeded his total from a year ago after a monster performance against Ole Miss. He lived in the Rebels’ backfield.

Turner finished the game with five tackles, two sacks, and 3.5 tackles for loss. He’s ranked ninth in Dane Brugler of The Athletic’s 2024 Big Board and has not only lived up to that billing but exceeded it. Turner’s stock was already up but is only rising after his Week 4 performance.

Keon Coleman

Keon Coleman was a baller last season at Michigan State. He led the team in receiving yards despite playing next to an NFL receiver in Jayden Reed, who is excelling for the 2-1 Green Bay Packers. But poor quarterback play and a fledgling Michigan State roster and program didn’t give either Coleman or Reed the spotlight their talent warrants. That changed this season. Reed is turning heads in the NFL, and Coleman is doing the same in Tallahassee. He firmly put himself on the map in Florida State’s Week 1 win over LSU.

Coleman’s services weren’t needed in Florida State’s next game against Southern Miss- and he didn’t have a catch against Boston College. Turns out, Coleman was saving his best for when Florida State needs it in big games. On the road in Death Valley against the Clemson Tigers, Coleman stepped up and delivered 86 yards on five receptions and two touchdowns. The second of which just happened to be a game-winning 24-yard touchdown in which he “Mossed” his defender in overtime.

Coleman ranks 30th overall in Brugler’s Top 50 big board and the fourth wide receiver in the class behind Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. and Emeka Egbuka and LSU’s Malik Nabers. Harrison Jr. is in a tier by himself, but Coleman is playing his way into the next tier along with those two and Washington’s Rome Odunze.

Xavier Legette

Xavier Legette wasn’t as billed as either of those star receivers heading into the 2023 season. But he is producing like them so far. The fifth-year receiver has already posted career highs in receptions (27), receiving yards (556), yards per reception average (20.6), and has tied his best in receiving touchdowns in a season with three. He did that with a 189-yard performance with two touchdowns on five receptions against Mississippi State this weekend.

Every year there are breakout college football players that come from out of nowhere and establish themselves as potential gems. Xavier Legette looks like he could be one of those this year.

The post Dallas Turner and 2 college football players with skyrocketing 2024 NFL Draft stock appeared first on ClutchPoints.