Ahead of Team Spain’s ATP Cup Final Eight tie on Friday against Belgium, team captain Francisco Roig shared his thoughts on the team’s Sydney preparations since leaving Perth.

On Wednesday, after winning the tie against Japan in Perth, we boarded a plane to fly to Sydney because there was no time to lose. We arrived very late. We went to sleep at almost 3am in the morning, much later for Rafa I believe. And he got up at 2pm today! But it’s true that almost everyone woke up at about 12. There is a three-hour time difference with Perth, and three hours is a lot. It’s really hard to adapt, even though it may sound easy.

In anticipation, we reserved three courts for training at 6pm on Thursday. We have adapted well, although it is significantly more humid here than in Perth. In general, I’m happy because we’re doing well. Everyone’s prepared, and above all healthy, which is the most important thing. I think the team looks confident to continue building what we started there by winning all the matches we played against Georgia, Uruguay and Japan. We were the favourites and we delivered.

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The court in Sydney is similar to the one in Perth, and the balls are the same. We haven’t been able to play on the centre court because the other teams had ties, but tomorrow we’ll try and knock up there if the morning match between Serbia and Canada finishes early.

We’ve adapted with knock-ups, practically no points. A little bit of treatment, a massage. We’ll all have dinner at the club and rest in the hotel to be ready for tomorrow because we have a very demanding day ahead of us.

I came to Sydney in 1987 as a player, and I saw a little of the city. And honestly, I hope we don’t have time to see it this time around; it would be a sign that we are homing in on this ATP Cup title.