The draw
Decision day and one wonders could the draw play a major factor in the outcome. Usually, in the Olympic system coaches play their best players in the two singles matches. Draw A,B,C that player competes in the second and fourth matches; if the lot is X,Y,Z the player in question competes in the second and fifth matches.

It could well happen the arguable “best player” only plays once if proceedings do not go your way; that is exactly what happened to Brazil at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games when they faced the United States at the men’s team semi-final stage. They drew X,Y,Z, they lost 3-1, Hugo Calderano was the one winner but he only played once.

In the men’s team event, Brazil will no doubt want Hugo Calderano to play second and fourth, the so-called “quick ones”; the same may well apply to Argentina in the guise of Horacio Cifuentes. Most certainly it will be the scenario in the women’s fixture, Brazil will want Bruna Takahashi to play second and fourth, so will Puerto Rico in the guise of Adriana Diaz.

For one team in each deciding fixture, the hope will come true but for only one; the draw may will have a major effect.