Becky Lynch promises to ‘slap the attitude’ out of Trish Stratus at Night of Champions

Becky Lynch promises to ‘slap the attitude’ out of Trish Stratus at Night of Champions

After allowing Trish Stratus to have her moment during the press conference for Night of Champions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Becky Lynch decided to bring her manly energy to the kingdom and tell the fans in attendance – and watching along on YouTube from around the world – how “The Queen of the Attitude Era” might just need an attitude adjustment via a Manhandle Slam in the middle of the Jeddah Superdome.

“‘The Man’ has come around to Jeddah! And she’s come around to whip Trish Stratus back to 2006, where she should have stayed retired. And so she comes out here, and she tells you that she loves you and that she’s so happy to be here. And she did the same thing with me, and I fell for it,” Becky Lynch declared.

“Not only did she do that with me, she did that with my family, she did that with my baby. And after every show, the thing that you didn’t see about Trish was she would come back and she would play with my child and act like she was Auntie Trish. She was Auntie Trish. And then, and then, and then, and then, and then she hit me in the back of the head.”

As the crowd started to chant Seth Rollins’ theme, Lynch nodded.

“He wasn’t happy about it either,” Lynch added. “But I understand this business. My husband, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins, understands this business. But my baby doesn’t understand this business, and she made my baby cry. And for that, they call you the ‘Queen of the Attitude Era?’ Well, I’m gonna slap the attitude out of you tomorrow night.”

Jeez, when you make a baby cry, that takes things into a whole nother Stratusphere, if you catch my drift. After dropping the hammer on Stratus on RAW, it’s clear Lynch is ready to make a statement at Night of Champions as her first step back to the WWE Championship picture.

Becky Lynch dog-walked Trish Stratus on RAW too.

Speaking of Lynch’s appearance on RAW, after Stratus spoke her peace in, by her own admission, her first-ever contract signing, “Big Time Becks” unleashed an absolutely scathing that dug up some of the more… embarrassing moments from the WWE Hall of Famer’s career on the way in the lead up to their Night of Champions showdown.

“You’re scared, aren’t you, Trish? I saw that little thing with you and Adam Pearce in the back, you’re scared that I’m gonna hurt you. Don’t worry, Trish; I’m not gonna hurt you, I want you at the full of your health for Night of Champions. But you’re scared of something bigger, aren’t you? That’s what all of this is about, you’re scared that history is forgetting you. I mean time is passing all of us by and everyone’s getting better but you just stayed the same,” Lynch said.

“And that’s more, this is a problem for you, is that they remember you as being better than you are but I am even better than you think that I am, so you don’t need to worry about why I was gone, you just need to worry that I am back.

“You want your flowers, you want your flowers, you want your flowers, that’s all this is about, okay, I think we’re all past that, but okay, I’ll say it to your face: thank you, Trish; thank you for being everything I hope I never become. Because you’re vapid, I’m passion. You’re trashy, I’m soul, heart, and fashion. You’re cold, I’m hot. I’m it, you’re not. And so you can stab people in the back, the difference is I will punch you in the face every single time. And that’s why I can look myself in the mirror know that I’m not perfect like you think that you are and I can carry-on regardless. And that is why, even with the badness in my head, I’ve been able to have a career that you could only dream of. While you, you’ve done things that would give me nightmares. And if you think barking like a dog is embarrassing, just wait until I whip your a** at Night of Champions. Welcome to the big-time b**ch, woof, woof.”

Woof woof indeed.

Now, for fans out of the know, Lynch was alluding to the infamous segment on RAW where Vince McMahon made Stratus, well, bark like a dog. While it’s nice to know that the promotion has largely grown past that sort of storyline, there are few ways to humiliate Stratus more than to allude to arguably the most demeaning moments of her career.

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