Faces of Football: Ghana – a letter to the national team

Faces of Football: Ghana – a letter to the national team

Dear Ghanian national team,

Firstly, I want to express my joy at your qualification for yet another FIFA World Cup, and congratulate everyone who made this wonderful achievement a possibility. To you all, I say ‘ayekoo’ (well done). 

As an ambitious and optimistic Ghana supporter, I truly believe that you guys can go very far at the tournament this winter. Honestly, I think you will, at the very least, progress through the group stage and from there potentially become the first African team to make a World Cup semi final.

Having watched all of your qualifying games, and your performances at previous World Cups, I’m genuinely convinced you are capable of making history this winter, and proving that Ghana are the greatest African footballing nation. 

To the coach and the management staff, I wish you all the best in taking care of the squad and I hope you make the shrewd tactical decisions needed to help our beloved nation go far in the tournament. To the players themselves, we hope you give everything you have to achieve history for Ghana. 

Every person in the country will be cheering you on throughout the tournament. We hope that we can motivate you and drive you on to success with our cheers. 

It’s every Ghanian’s dream to win the World Cup and prove to the world just how great a nation we are. I truly believe that you guys are the team to do just that. 

I wish you all the best at the tournament! 

Go Black Stars, go!