'Are you having a laugh?' – O'Sullivan responds after being called for a push shot

'Are you having a laugh?' – O'Sullivan responds after being called for a push shot

Ronnie O’Sullivan had a lengthy debate with referee Rob Spencer during his return to action at the Championship League on Tuesday.

The six-time world champion was called for a push shot during the first frame of his clash with Saqib Nasir, at which point he said: “Are you having a laugh?”

World number 22 Tom Ford was on commentary, and he said: “I am not sure that was a push as if it was a push the white would have gone straight through, but he played it at an angle.”


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O’Sullivan questioned the decision to call a push shot on what was an amazing pot on the blue, as he said: “I am the most honest snooker player and I never try to cheat.”

Spencer was unmoved, saying he saw it as a push and called it as such.

It did not prove costly as O’Sullivan went on to knock in audacious pots on the blue and pink to seal the frame.

In backing up his win over Ian Burns in his opening match of Group 32, O’Sullivan moved on to six points from two games – setting up a showdown with Mark Joyce for qualification for the second stage.

It was a demonstration in attacking snooker from O’Sullivan as he refused to play any safety shots during the 3-0 win, while he adopted the Mark Williams breakoff.


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