Nainggolan on Inter’s pressure, Brozovic’s cigarette and Perisic’s future

Radja Nainggolan suggested that Milan ‘are inferior to Inter’ despite them sitting two points ahead with two games to go.

The Rossoneri can put the pressure on their intercity rivals this evening if they pick up a home win over Atalanta, who have looked incredibly inconsistent in the second half of this season.

The Nerazzurri will face relegation candidates Cagliari in Sardinia, a match that will surely prove tougher than it seems on paper. A win for Milan and draw or loss for Inter secures the Scudetto for Stefano Pioli’s side today.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Nainggolan first discussed tonight’s match between Cagliari and Inter, and who he’d prefer to win.

“I would be happy with the Inter Scudetto, but I would be overjoyed if Cagliari were saved. If, however, I have to choose, I say Rossoblu. The two teams should only blame themselves…

“A lot of mistakes were made in Sardinia and now they are being paid for. Inter threw away a good lead and they have to chase with more pressure.

“After beating Juve, immediately letting Milan pick up the Scudetto would be a double defeat for the club. Fortunately, the Coppa Italia has arrived.”

The Belgian looked at the remaining games for both Milanese clubs as the season draws to a close.

“Inter’s schedule is better, they can score six points. Atalanta are more dangerous for Milan, you don’t know how you’ll catch them, even if they have dropped a little compared to other years.

“In any case, Milan are inferior to Inter and, if they make it, it would be thanks to the coach. I had Pioli at Piacenza, he launched me like he did Tonali, he knows how to make players feel important.”

He commented on the photo showing Marcelo Brozovic smoking a cigarette.

“Definitely, he fires you up. Did you see the nice photo of Brozo smoking the other night? Had I taken it, I would have been slaughtered, but that’s just hypocrisy. What’s wrong with having a cigarette in company if you’re running on the pitch? It makes a triumph even more beautiful.”

Nainggolan then gave his thoughts on Ivan Perisic, who scored a brace in the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday.

“Perisic! In these two years at full-back he has become an embarrassing, unbelievable player. Inter had to renew Brozo and him at all costs and as soon as possible, with the former they did, with the latter they didn’t and I can’t explain it.

“Now if he leaves, maybe even for Juve, it would be the club’s problem and certainly not Ivan’s, he’s a professional until the end.”

He touched on the mindset of Nicolo Barella ahead of Cagliari’s desperate bid to avoid relegation.

“I don’t know what I would do in his place, maybe I wouldn’t have played it because it’s easier….

“I know Nicolò, I know how much he loves Cagliari, but he has to do his job, look for the Scudetto. That’s right. For sure, it won’t be easy, it’ll be in his head.”

Finally, Nainggolan discussed if he could’ve been there to help the team avoid relegation.

“Well, they decided that. I was looking forward to staying, but if you change the plan at the last minute, then bye-bye. It burns me because I was true to my word, but now I want them to be saved.”