Figures behind Juventus’ offer to Pogba

Juventus have prepared an offer ahead of tomorrow’s meeting with Paul Pogba, hoping it’ll be enough to beat PSG to the punch.

The 29-year-old French midfielder is leaving Manchester United on a free transfer next month, six years after his much-anticipated return. The 2018 World Cup winner has always proved divisive for fans and pundits alike, with many frustrated that his qualities are not often on display in the Premier League.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus have prepared a contract worth €7.5m net per season for Pogba, with various add-ons that could see it rise to double figures. They cannot afford a more expensive offer and so they’re hoping that it’ll be enough to beat out competition from Paris Saint-Germain, who predictably don’t share this concern.

The Frenchman currently earns around €15m net per season in England, so it’s still unclear if he’ll be willing to accept such a wage drop.