Jason Tatum rocks Jordan Tatum 1 “Hesi-Tatum” in Game 5 win

Jason Tatum is firing on all cylinders for the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals and has been doing it in style along the way. This year, Tatum released his first signature sneaker, the Jordan Tatum 1, and has been rocking the shoes all season. While they’ve only been released in a few colorways, Tatum continues to rock exclusive palettes and PE’s deep into the NBA Playoffs. In their Game 5 win in Boston, Tatum sported a clean retro colorway aptly named the “Hesi-Tatum”.

The colorway may seem familiar to diehard Celtics fans as Tatum rocked a previous iteration of the Jordan 36 in a similar color scheme. The shoes are also featured on Tatum’s character in NBA 2k22. Last night, Tatum rocked the purple, seafoam green, and hot pink colorway against the Miami Heat. Interestingly enough, Tatum’s shoes resembled a few of the Heat’s alternate colors, a trend that’s been hot in the NBA. Whether it’s for luck or not, rocking the other team’s colors certainly worked out for Tatum and the Celtics.

Jason Tatum scored 21 points in the Celtics’ Game 5 win in Boston. While he wasn’t scoring at-will, he was doing a ton on the offensive side with 11 assists and added 8 rebounds on defense. Tatum also had two steals in the 110-97 win for the Celtics. The Celtics have a golden opportunity to make history by coming back from an 0-3 deficit. If they’re able to complete this feat behind their star Tatum, there’s no doubt the Jordan Tatum 1 will become an instant classic in the career of the young star.

Jason Tatum is averaging 30.8 PPG and 4.3 APG on 47% shooting against the Heat. The Celtics visit Miami for Game 6 on May 27 as the action tips off at 8:30 p.m. ET/ 5:30 p.m. PT. Check out our Sneaker news for more release dates and breaking content!

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The Genius of Luka Doncic and What He’s Accomplished Already in the Jordan Luka 1

The word “genius” is used far too freely. It’s a platitude at this point, at risk of losing the grandeur that helped it survive its Latin etymology, where it went from referring to a guardian that watched over a chosen person, to a prophetic individual, to someone naturally capable of great deeds. Its current definition is traced back to the 1640s. Here in 2023, it’s a lazy catch-all most of the time, its luster minimized by the ordinary it is usually synonymous with. 

To witness a real genius these days is to stand out so much from the crowd that platitudes suddenly become relevant again. The only part of the definition that might not apply to the case of Luka Doncic is the “natural” aspect. That implies he didn’t work to be able to play genius-level basketball. 

He did. He worked hard. 

He became a pro at the age of 13. He was required to leave his hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia, for Madrid, Spain. There the work commenced, and it continues now, a decade later, on a grand scale, in Dallas, TX. 

He looks like a genius because of the way he plays basketball. He seems to see the unseen. Whether his passes come from predicting or reacting, can’t really be said for certain. And whether or not he feels the usual chest-tightening sensation that clutch end-of-game situations carry with them is something only he can tell the world. But from the outside, we view the spectacle of his game as genius, as prophetic, and as his nickname suggests, magic. 

Of course, these praises could be considered more hollow platitudes. There are plenty of great performances every single night in the NBA. Doncic has separated himself through two factors: youth and consistency. 

Ever since Luka entered the NBA as a 19-year-old, he’s regularly dominated, with career averages of 27/8/8. This year’s 34/9/9 has been accomplished in the Jordan Luka 1. The silhouette challenged the Brand’s designers enough to make the IsoPlate and Formula 23, two new technologies, just for him. 

They respect his genius that much.

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Jayson Tatum’s Game is Already Otherworldly, but He’s Just Getting Started

We don’t necessarily do a whole lotta numbers over here, a whole lotta statistics over here at SLAM. We like the eye test more. 

Here’s a nice and simple number, though: 


Jayson Tatum has had five 50-plus-point games in his career. That’s more than Larry Bird, more than Paul Pierce, more than John Havlicek, more than Isaiah Thomas, more than Sam Jones, more than Bob Cousy, more than Kevin McHale and more than Ray Allen. 

Tatum has scored at least 50 more times than any other Celtic. He and Bird are the only players to ever score 60 for the League’s most storied club. 

Here’s one more easy number to put all of that into perspective: 


As in, he’s only 24 years old. 

The above is special regardless of age. The skill level is magnified under the intensity of the attention that the Cs have always received. Last season’s run to the Finals has heightened the attention around Tatum even more. He’s delivered, making expectations seem more like invitations to demonstrate his dominance. A few more numbers, true as we go to press, to illustrate the evolution super clearly: 

—Career-best 31 points per game

—Career-best 8.6 rebounds per game 

—Career-best-tying 4.4 assists per game 

—Six 40-plus-point games

—10 30-plus-point games 

The eye test is a resounding pass. He scores a 100 on that, an A+, gets five gold stars and one round of applause. 

Tatum scores in every single way imaginable on the floor. Single coverage is pretty much no coverage for him. Going up against a double team is like a fun challenge that he can solve most of the time. These days, it looks like triple teams are becoming a necessity. 

He’s been surpassing the ghosts of Celtics past in mostly the Air Jordan 37 Low. Jordan’s signature foam, Formula 23, is stacked in the heel for landing, while an Air Strobel unit and a Zoom Air unit are double-stacked in the forefoot. Tatum’s shown off a variety of PEs while he’s been in the 37. 

But things are about to change…

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