1 Month to go to World Table Tennis Day!

World Table Tennis Day is now just a month away! Have you thought of where you will be playing the sport at and whom you will be playing with?  

What is World Table Tennis Day?  

From 2023 onwards, World Table Tennis Day will happen on 23 April every year. It aims to be a celebration of table tennis – promoting the benefits of the sport, bringing together fans and non-fans alike, and giving everyone an opportunity to play.

At the same time, it also represents universality and social inclusiveness, illustrating the joy of playing table tennis for fun, with more emphasis on participation and enjoyment than competition. 

This year’s theme is “Think Sustainably, Act Now”, leading to an additional focus on raising awareness for several sustainable development goals. 

Where can you find an event/activity to participate in on the actual day? 

Keep a look out for activation campaigns around your country, and check in with your local table tennis clubs for the latest updates on upcoming activities you can participate in. Do also check out our foundation website for more details!  

What are the benefits of playing table tennis? 

Table tennis is more than just a game – it is also a tool for social development, physical fitness, and mental well-being. By playing table tennis, people of all ages and backgrounds can improve their hand-eye coordination, concentration, and collaboration skills, while also having fun and building friendships. As a low impact sport, not only does it have minimal risk of injury, but it has also been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive functions – which is particularly useful for people with motor disorders.  

Can I organise an event on World Table Tennis Day?   

We encourage everyone to participate in World Table Tennis Day either by organising events, sharing photos and videos on social media, or just spreading the word about the sport. We aim for it to be an all-inclusive event which can be enjoyed by everyone.   

The ITTF has also reached out to all its 227 member associations to participate in the event through activation campaigns and activities, which presents the perfect opportunity for nations to leverage on World Table Tennis Day to showcase their table tennis related events to the world. To help support these efforts, the ITTF has prepared materials and resources which can be used for promotion activities to be shared with your community.  


With just one month to go, we hope that you will join us in celebrating World Table Tennis Day, showing the world the power of table tennis and its ability to bring people together from all walks of life. 

Stay tuned for more updates and information on how to get involved and let us make World Table Tennis Day 2023 the best one yet! 

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World Table Tennis Day 2023

Meet Loopy & Chopy, Busan 2024’s Mascots

Today marks a significant milestone in the countdown to the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024 as the official mascots and emblem have been officially unveiled. Loopy and Chopy, the official mascots, embody the spirit and essence of the events, taking inspiration from the beloved seagull, a ubiquitous sight in Busan.

Loopy, the vibrant and playful mascot, is equipped with a red racket and loves to jump around in all directions. Her name was inspired by the ‘loop-drive’, a popular table tennis stroke used to add topspin to the ball, making her an ideal ambassador for the game.

Chopy, on the other hand, is a deliberate and precise player, representing the table tennis ‘chop-shot,’ renowned for adding a backspin to the ball. His black racket adds to his elegance and style, making him an excellent complement to his energetic counterpart.

With their distinct face paintings and charming hairstyles, Loopy and Chopy boast irresistible cuteness and are sure to captivate the hearts of fans around the world. Their introduction will serve as an inspiration for the younger generation, attracting more young people to the sport and cultivating a new generation of table tennis players.

The emblem was created to highlight the beauty of Korea and its host city, Busan, while also embodying the values of sportsmanship and harmony. Its thoughtful design and use of symbolism create a strong and memorable identity for the event.

The circle in the top-right corner of the emblem represents the rising sun while, the circular background shape represents the sky and reflects the natural beauty of the Moon Jar, a famous Korean artwork that embodies the country’s aesthetic sense.

Its central trophy-like shape represents two athletes shaking hands in a symbol of respect and friendly competition, with the motif taken from Busan’s iconic Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

The overall shape of the emblem resembles a table tennis racket and ball, further emphasizing the connection to sports. The use of the blue and red colours from the Republic of Korea’s national flag provides a sense of national pride and identity.

Speaking about the mascot, ITTF President Petra Sörling said, “The unveiling of Loopy and Chopy as the official mascots for the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024 has filled us with great excitement. We recognise the ability of mascots to engage and captivate audiences, particularly the younger generation. Loopy and Chopy will inspire more young people to take up the sport and cultivate a new generation of table tennis players.”

Ryu Seung-min, IOC Member, President of the Korean Table Tennis Association, and President of the Organizing Committee of the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024 said, “The Busan local organizing committee is fully committed to ensuring the successful delivery of the ITTF World Championships Finals. After the cancellation of event scheduled in 2020 due to COVID-19, we are grateful for the new opportunity to showcase our ability to host this prestigious event and provide table tennis enthusiasts with the experience they deserve.” He added, “I would like to thank our designers who created these mascots and emblem with creativity and inspiration. The Busan local organizing committee will maximize in using them to promote the event.”

The ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals 2024 will be held in Busan. The event is scheduled to take place from February 16 to 25, 2024, at the BEXCO Convention Centre. This will be the first time Korea is hosting a World Table Tennis Championships.

Men’s and women’s events will each feature 40 teams. The host country will receive an automatic entry if not qualified through the pathway. Another 33 teams will gain places via a continental stage in which all ITTF member associations can compete. The remaining six places will be determined by intercontinental qualification.

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ITTF and Sport Singapore Open Talks For World’s First ‘Home Of Table Tennis’

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and Sport Singapore (SportSG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to kickstart discussions for the world’s first ‘Home of Table Tennis’ (HoTT). The signing ceremony took place on the final evening of the Singapore Smash 2023 and attests to both parties’ commitment towards raising the profile of table tennis regionally and reinforcing the strong partnership between SportSG and the ITTF.

To expand its global footprint, the ITTF plans to establish several new hubs around the world and Singapore has been identified as a potential location for the first such hub. Key reasons for this are:

  • Singapore’s commitment to table tennis with the hosting of several marquee WTT events such as the Singapore Smash, and our TeamSG athletes representing Singapore at the international arena through major games such as SEA Games and Commonwealth Games.
  • The nation’s strong reputation for hosting world-class sports, such as marquee events like the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s feature regularly on the calendar.
  • The strong suite of world-class infrastructure such as the Singapore Sports Hub, and strong travel connectivity.
  • Singapore’s strategic location as a well-connected hub for organisations with an international footprint, evidenced from the regional headquarters of international companies.
  • Consistently ranking as one of the best places to live and work, with a diverse culture, excellent healthcare and world-class educational systems, which will help attract and retain top talent.

“Sport Singapore and the International Table Tennis Federation have been working together to achieve our common goal of raising the profile of table tennis in Singapore. Through our collaboration, we organised the WTT Cup Finals in December 2021 and the Singapore Smash in March 2022 as well as March 2023. It is therefore very apt that on the final day of Singapore Smash 2023, we bring our partnership to the next level with the Singapore HoTT project. Through this, SportSG will work with the ITTF to chart new paths and create more opportunities to benefit our local athletes, coaches, industry partners and others in our table tennis fraternity,” said Mr Alan Goh, CEO (Designate), SportSG.

Commenting on the partnership, ITTF President, Ms Petra Sörling said, “This project is a significant milestone for table tennis and a clear signal of our commitment to the sport’s continued growth and development around the world. As we strive to bring table tennis to new corners of the globe and inspire the next generation of players and fans, Singapore serves as a shining example of what is possible. By partnering with SportSG to consider establishing a hub in Singapore, we are laying the foundation for a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable future for our sport. We are excited to continue working closely with SportSG to bring this vision to life and create more opportunities for table tennis players and fans worldwide.”

Mr Steve Dainton, ITTF Group Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Sport Singapore on this project, the place I have called home for the last twelve years. This initiative is certainly a step forward in our efforts to grow and develop the sport of table tennis in Singapore and around the world as we hope to inspire the next generation of table tennis players and fans. Since the opening of ITTF’s Asia-Pacific office in Singapore in 2011, we have seen table tennis grow by leaps and bounds in Singapore. We look forward to having more of such hubs around the world.”

“Homes of Table Tennis” Concept

The ITTF is embarking on an exciting project to establish several new HoTTs and is currently seeking potential host cities to seize the opportunity of hosting one of the most exciting sport. Launched in 2019, the project was on a temporary hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, the ITTF has re-activated the project, fully reviewing the concept in light of the learnings of the pandemic, and decided to search not for one Home, but for multiple hubs each with a specialised expertise.

ITTF is committed to working closely with each city to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership that will promote sustainable development. The ITTF will prioritise a targeted approach throughout the selection process, seeking to engage with cities that have expressed interest in the initial project and demonstrated a strong commitment to table tennis. Moreover, all interested cities are welcome to open non-committal dialogue with the ITTF to explore the possibilities.

The ITTF will consider each application carefully and select the most suitable host city for each headquarters based on a range of factors, including infrastructure, accessibility, and local support for the sport of table tennis. Once selected, the ITTF will engage in targeted dialogue with each city to ensure the hubs are tailored to the local needs and priorities.

Hosting one of the new hubs provides a unique opportunity for cities to leverage the power of sports to promote economic growth, social progress, and international collaboration. Attracting numerous visitors, athletes, and officials from around the world, boosting local economies and creating new opportunities for business and investment, each city will gain access to a global network of stakeholders and build lasting connections that will benefit their communities for years to come.

Exploring a HoTT in Singapore

Envisioned as an international centre of excellence, a HoTT in Singapore would focus its efforts to raise the profile of table tennis within the Singapore community. A Singapore HoTT would create avenues for athletes and coaches to strengthen capabilities through ITTF’s world-class knowledge and networks. In addition, riding on Singapore’s technological capabilities and talent, the HoTT can be a testbed for innovative creations and digital solutions for table tennis and contribute to the uplifting of table tennis world-wide. The HoTT could also contribute to programmes and initiatives to further grow community participation and spectatorship in table tennis. The discussions with ITTF on the establishment of a Singapore HoTT will cover potential areas of collaboration which include:

1. Pathway Development
Discussions about the Singapore HoTT will include potential plans to establish a dedicated ITTF Academy to develop coaches’ and officials’ capabilities and better position them among the global ecosystem. In addition, the Academy will also be a conduit for locals to train and exchange knowledge alongside some of the best players in the world.
Ms Poh Li San, President of Singapore Table Tennis Association, said: “Having a table tennis Centre of Excellence in Singapore is exciting news for the fraternity. We foresee the HoTT will strengthen our Table Tennis and overall sporting ecosystem in Singapore. There will be new opportunities for our athletes and coaches to learn from the best. The availability of quality training and facilities will not only enhance existing pathway development plans but will also help to inspire a new generation of table tennis athletes.”

2. Industry Development
With the Singapore HoTT, there is potential to raise the profile of table tennis within the sporting industry through marquee events such as the Singapore Smash and other community activations. In addition to the diverse calendar of table tennis events, the Singapore HoTT would play a crucial role in reinforcing Singapore as the hub for knowledge transfer and showcase thought leadership in the sport, education, innovation, and technology. This could also further cultivate an ecosystem that is conducive for sustainable growth of table tennis and continued skills development.

3. Community Engagement & Inclusivity
Moving beyond high-performance sport and industry development, it is also crucial to grow the base of table tennis participants within the community. The Singapore HoTT will potentially create opportunities for community projects that encourage people of all abilities to come together through table tennis. Other ways of promoting inclusivity include leveraging ITTF Foundation and relevant ITTF Group entities on projects relating to accessibility, diplomacy, health, solidarity, sustainability, and other social and humanitarian causes.

4. Innovation & Technology
The Singapore HoTT project will also explore ways to use technological developments and innovation in promoting table tennis as a sport “for all, for life” including youths, older citizens and people of all abilities. Furthermore, with Singapore as a regional hub for the latest technology on the market, it could also serve as a resource hub and sandbox for innovative solutions in table tennis, including game formats, training formats, event implementations, fan experience, e-sports, sport science, equipment, apparel, and materials.

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Homes of Table Tennis

ITTF Executive Board Announces New Initiatives at Meeting in Singapore

The ITTF Executive Board convened in Singapore on 17 March in parallel with the Singapore Smash 2023 and received a warm welcome by Sport Singapore. They presented Chairman Kon Yin Tong with a token of appreciation as a gesture of gratitude for the extensive support provided. The second edition of the Singapore Smash organised by World Table Tennis was met with great satisfaction from the Board members, who praised the organisation for improving the presentation of the sport and enhancing fan engagement. The Board expressed its confidence that table tennis will continue to grow in popularity and captivate audiences around the world. 

The Board validated a Sustainability Action Plan 2025 defining the concrete steps to be taken to meet the commitments, with its plan articulated through the three P’s – People, Planet, Prosperity. The hope is that through these initiatives, the people within the table tennis community will directly benefit from its effects, while positively impacting the planet and achieving prosperity in the sport through supporting long-term economic growth by developing table tennis activities that generate value beyond financial profitability. 

In line with this, sustainability has now been acknowledged as a crucial part of the organisation’s strategic policies and will be added to the ITTF Strategic Plan 2025, which was reviewed by the Board during this meeting. 

The new Strategic plan will now be circulated to Member Associations and submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting later this year. It outlines the vision, mission, and goals, as well as the strategies and tactics that will be used to achieve them. 

Additionally, the Board announced its new initiative towards promoting gender equality which was kickstarted earlier this year when a Gender and Diversity (GEDI) meeting was held in Durban, South Africa. The ITTF Group’s GEDI plan will guide future actions to ensure that gender and diversity targets are met. The plan includes specific actions to promote women’s leadership and gender equality in governance models, close the investment gap in women’s sports, and provide equal economic opportunities for women and girls. Furthermore, the plan supports equal opportunities for girls in sports, physical activity, and physical education. 

A baseline survey will now be distributed to all Member Associations and Continental Federations globally, gathering essential input on gender and diversity issues within the sport and the organisation. Through these initiatives, the ITTF is taking tangible measures to promote gender equality in table tennis and beyond.

The Board has also reviewed potential improvements to its IT infrastructure and reinforced its dedication to safeguarding security and data privacy. Furthermore, they are considering a modification to the system for event registration.  

The next meeting of the Executive Board will take place during the ITTF World Championships Finals Durban 2023. 


From New Caledonia to Singapore Smash: Table Tennis at Every Corner of the World

Jérémy’s adventure in Singapore began with his participation in the first round of the Singapore Smash qualifications. Although his first game against English player Tom Jarvis ended in defeat, he felt satisfied with his performance and considered the experience exceptional. Despite the quick end to his tournament, Jérémy has no regrets about his performance and is pleased with the progress he has made.

For Jérémy, being at Singapore Smash is not just about playing and competing at the highest level, but also about learning, growing, and giving back to the sport that he loves. His adventure in Singapore continued even after his elimination from the tournament. He has met with the staff and players of the France team and had the opportunity to talk and play with them, making his time in Singapore both enjoyable and inspiring.

As he sits in the OCBC Arena watching the intense matches of the Singapore Smash, he is not just enjoying this as a spectator but also learning how his fellow table tennis players adapt their style of play to overcome the challenges they face during a match. He is fascinated by how the players handle pressure, the strategies they employ, and their openness to trying new approaches.

In addition to watching top-level matches, Jérémy has been actively engaging with his fellow players and collecting their autographs. His goal is to bring these back to the table tennis league in New Caledonia and share them with the younger players to inspire and provide a glimpse of their favourite players.

“I am happy to represent New Caledonia at this level, and I hope that more local players will have the chance to compete on the world stage in the future. I want to use my experience here to show them what’s possible with hard work and dedication, and to help build the sport in our community. I may have been knocked out, but being at an event of such calibre has given me the opportunity to experience top-level events and see the players training, see the players in action live, and not just in video. It’s a completely different experience watching the matches in person and learning from the best players in the world.” – Jérémy Dey

Jérémy’s participation in the Singapore Smash is a shining example of how table tennis is developing worldwide. His passion for the sport, dedication to improvement, and willingness to inspire the next generation of players make him a remarkable role model. Jérémy Dey’s story demonstrates that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams and aspirations in the sport they love.

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Singapore Smash

Registration Opens for 2023 World Table Tennis For Health Festival

Registration for the first ever World Table Tennis for Health Festival (WTT4H Festival) in Crete, Greece is now open.

From November 1-5, the Mediterranean island will host World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships, along with the inaugural World Alzheimer’s Table Tennis Championships and World Table Tennis for Health Congress.

Last held in Berlin in 2021, the World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships provide a high-level competition for athletes with the condition. Medical professionals have shown how the regular practice of table tennis helps combat some of the long-term effects of the disease.

Registration for the two championships is open until October 1. Athletes interested in participating can sign up here. Anybody can register for the Championships, with no need to be nominated by any organisation. The ITTF Foundation particularly encourages females and people from all continents to attend and participate to send a message of encouragement to all those having cognitive disorders and prove how the practice of table tennis can improve the health of everyone.

In Berlin, 136 participants from 24 countries competed in a total of 431 matches. We are expecting to exceed that number in Crete so make sure to sign up today. The enthusiasm from the 2021 event, helped create the inaugural World Table Tennis For Health Festival, which expands beyond just the Parkinson’s championships to include other neurodegenerative diseases, which regular table tennis activity can improve.

Hosted by the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation, the WTT4H Festival will bring players, officials, delegates, and other stakeholders to Crete for competition and the first-ever World Table Tennis for Health Conference.

The World Alzheimer’s Championship aims to build off a growing community of table tennis players who are using the sport as part of treatment plans. Each championship aims to foster these communities to help connect and make meaningful exchanges.

The WTT4H Festival will promote the positive benefits of playing table tennis on one’s health in general, not only on people with the mentioned diseases, but also for sickness prevention and staying active in daily life.

For those looking to attend the WTT4H Festival can purchase ticket packages through the Local Organising Committee. Packages include a room rate, full board, complimentary Wi-Fi, and full tax charges, transportation of the regular shuttle service to and from hotels and venues, airport transfers, participation fee, and farewell party.

Early bird offer

Participants who register until 1st of July 2023 at 23:59 CEST will receive a EUR 100,- discount on the official packages.


The event will collaborate with AllForBlue NGO in an interactive environmental activity, a fun team activity, to learn more about the marine ecosystem and actively clean the beach for the balance of marine ecosystems and to avoid single use plastics. This fits in with the ITTF Group’s year of sustainability for 2023.

Click here for more information about the 2023 WTT4H Festival.

Click here to register for 2023 World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships.

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World Parkinson’s Championships

Singapore Smash 2023: A Showcase of The Sport’s Development and Growth

The Singapore Smash 2023 is underway with table tennis’ best athletes delivering a spectacular show, thrilling upsets and multiple young talents triumphing in the spotlight. The drama on the Infinity Arena has also captivated audience around the world with a cumulative global audience of 48.3 million and a cumulative reach of 150.5 million viewers tuning in for the daily matches so far. 

While the inaugural Singapore Smash took place last year, it was held amid Covid limitations. This year, with all restrictions lifted, the Singapore Sports Hub has come alive with all intended programming in place allowing fans and players to enjoy the true essence of a Smash event. Singapore Smash 2023 not only showcases the best table tennis players in the world, but also serves as a platform for nurturing young talent and engaging the community, solidifying the country’s status as a hub for world-class sporting events.  

This year the event is also playing host to the Hopes Squad. The Hopes Squad is made up of a team of 20 aspiring male and female players (ages 10 – 13) whom have demonstrated consistent commitment to training and competition. As part of the development pathway, the players and their coaches are offered planned activities throughout the year, with the first event of 2023 being an intensive training camp held at the Singapore Sports School from 9 – 15 March.  

A Hopes Squad participant escorting men’s singles defending champion Fan Zhendong (CHN) onto the Infinity ∞ Arena at Singapore Smash 2023

In addition to the training camp, the Squad also got to experience the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the Singapore Smash, giving them an exclusive peek into a world-class table tennis event. They also got to interact with their sporting idols and walk out onto the Infinity Arena as player escorts. An additional four slots were also given to Singapore athletes Loy Ming Ying, Chanelle Chiang, Tristan Yee and Benaiah Seah, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of Singapore hosting the event. 

Men’s world No. 7 Truls Moregard (SWE), competing in the Singapore Smash this week, is a Hopes Squad alumnus, along with Singapore’s Izaac Quek, who has made an astonishing run to the men’s singles Round of 16. Other notable alumni include world number 14 Adriana Diaz (PUR), talented 15-year-old Hana Goda (EGY) and Singapore’s Zhou Jingyi, who was part of the gold-winning women’s team at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

For Moregard, it has been 10 years since his participation in the Hopes Programme, but the 21-year-old still has fond memories of his experience.

He said: “I remember it was very fun; it was also difficult for me because it was in English at a very young age and you really need to open up to be in the group. But it’s super fun, you meet a lot of personalities and make a lot of new friends. I still have a lot of friends from the Hopes Programme, we were very young and we still continue to be friends now. So of course it helps you in your table tennis journey, both in your table tennis career and also to meet people and feel at home when you travel to tournaments. The biggest takeaway for me was that it developed my table tennis game. It was 10 years ago, but I remember it was very fun.”

A Hopes alumnus with more recent memories is teenager Hana Goda, who won the ITTF-Africa Cup in May 2022 to become the youngest-ever Continental Cup winner at 14 years and 167 days old. The 15-year-old is playing in the biggest event of her fledgling career here at Singapore Smash, and she recalled finishing second in her first year and winning the title the next year.

She said: “If it hadn’t been for Hopes, I think my table tennis journey would have been different but it was a really nice start and I learned a lot from it. Getting to know the other players was a highlight – we had a really good bond and we still are talking now; we became good friends.”

The participants of this year’s Hopes Squad are not the only young players who got to watch table tennis’ stars up close. This week, players from the Singapore Table Tennis Association’s Junior Development and Youth Development squads were guided by 2021 world youth champion and world No. 31 Xiang Peng (CHN) and world No. 26 Lee Sangsu (KOR) during a clinic at the OCBC Arena. About 60 children visited Hall 2, one of the Singapore Smash competition halls, as well as the practice hall, where they caught a glimpse of the sport’s finest athletes honing their craft. There, they performed drills and rallied with both players. 

Outside of the OCBC Arena, members of the wider Singapore community are also enjoying the benefits of Singapore Smash 2023 with a full slate of activities planned to engage the public and grow the sport here. At the Singapore Smash Zone, located outside the OCBC Square at Kallang Wave Mall, entry is free for all and tables have been set up for visitors to try their hand at table tennis. Community competitions across various age groups are also ongoing, with the total number of entries increasing from more than 100 last year to over 260 this year. A new contest category for para athletes has also been introduced this year, building on last year’s successful showcase featuring national para athletes. 

There will also be a showcase by non-profit group Table Tennis For Good, which aims to use table tennis to promote brain and general health while having fun playing. Table Tennis For Good, which has attained charitable status, returns to the Singapore Smash Zone on 16 March with its table tennis programmes – for seniors and for those with Parkinson’s Disease – on display. The Singapore Smash Zone thus allows even more people to enjoy table tennis regardless of their age, background and skill level. 

Singapore Smash 2023 is ongoing till 19 March, with entertaining battles on show at the Infinity Arena (Hall 1) and Hall 2 at the Singapore Sports Hub’s OCBC Arena. Singapore’s Izaac Quek has enthralled the home fans with his historic run to the men’s singles Round of 16, and he next faces men’s world No. 3 Wang Chuqin (CHN) on Wednesday evening, 15 March. Draws, results and schedules are available at singaporesmash.com. Tickets are available at https://ticketmaster.sg/activity/detail/23_sgsmash2023.