Noah Syndergaard and Mike Francesa got into some Twitter beef over the weekend and yes, it’s glorious

Maybe this was a shot at Francesa not hosting a radio show for more than a year? Regardless, the pope wasn’t going to take this disrespect, but in true narcissistic fashion he didn’t even reply back or quote tweet. Francesa sent another new tweet, that didn’t even acknowledge Syndergaard in the second person. The tweet read: “I competed every day for 35 years (and won) in my chosen profession in the greatest city in the world. Noah whined and ran away.”

Francesa responding like he’s an actual athlete and also bragging that he, a radio personality, stuck it out in New York City, is too perfect. Obviously hosting a radio program in the No. 1 media market in America is the equivalent of playing for the Mets. Syndergaard replied this time that Francesa is a gasbag Mets hater, which is unfair to Francesa. He is a gasbag hater of many teams and players, especially guys like Odell Beckham, Jr., who are “nothing but nothing but trouble.”


What I do need to happen from here on is for the entire sports world to check Francesa’s Twitter profile daily and see if he talks about them. If so, then let it fly right back at him. Beckham going back and forth like Shannon Sharpe and D.K. Metcalf would be great. Or what if Joe Buck saw Francesa’s criticism about broadcasters not differentiating between World Series and playoff stats, and came back with “Well I know what Fox differentiates between, World Series broadcasters and guys who should be drinking Diet Coke on the couch.”

This is what Francesa should spend his days doing from now on, arguing with people in sports on Twitter without ever actually acknowledging them, because the whole world is Francesa’s microphone, we’re all just ears put on this planet to listen to him.

Nikola Jokić went all WWE against the Heat Monday night and laid out Markieff Morris

The WWE-style tackle from behind by Jokić absolutely crossed the line, but as the saying goes, Morris made his bed then was forced to lay in it. Morris’ foul attempt on Jokić, which led to the retaliation, was utterly unnecessary. There was no reason for Morris throwing his entire body into the Joker for that foul. Make a swipe at the, smack his hand or arm, sure, but jumping into an opponent with your shoulder as he’s clearly passing the ball is not the best move.

For those up in arms about the retaliation, don’t be like NBA and NFL officials, who usually come in a second too late and only catch the payback. Hopefully, Morris is alright, but when you do things like this, eventually, someone is going to strike back. Most human beings can only turn the other cheek for so long. Everyone has their boiling point, and Jokić reached his on Monday night. Morris is seen as more of an enforcer on the court, and Jokić is a finesse player even though he’s nearly 7 feet tall. I think Jokić had enough of the shenanigans and spazzed out on Morris.

Let’s hope this ordeal doesn’t continue to fester and get out of hand. Family members are now chiming in on social media, and Morris’ twin, Marcus, has also taken to Twitter to make his feelings known on the incident. And the Joker’s brothers have a history of being ready for that action themselves.


Cooler heads will prevail in the end, but this is partially why the NBA got rid of the rough play we saw in the 1980s and ‘90s. Social media never helps when these types of squabbles happen, especially since these players never really want to fight. They simply make too much money now to really want to throw hands over something on the court. But when you have uptight family and friends in the crowd or online, these situations can continue off the court. I’m honestly not a fan of family jumping in to “defend” on social media. Let the players handle these issues and sit back and watch and cheer. All the other nonsense isn’t needed because it just makes things worse.


Now Jokić will undoubtedly be sitting out for at least a game after his shot on Morris, but I’m sure it was worth it for him just to send a message. Former NBA commissioner David Stern would have already suspended both teams plus coaching staff and just been done with it. He may have even suspended everyone in the front row. Stern didn’t play around. I just hope this thing is over, and we don’t see any more retaliation later in the season.

Aaron Rogers has COVID — turns out he was a galaxy-brained doofus all along

Certainly, in theory, he could have been “immunized” by a previous infection, but using a word that is widely acknowledged as a synonym for “vaccinated” in direct response to that question honestly didn’t raise any suspicions. Until this morning.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that Rodgers has been “following protocols for unvaccinated players while inside the building” and is, in fact, unvaccinated.

NFL protocols for unvaccinated players include daily COVID tests, indoor mask mandates, severely restricted interaction including no eating meals with teammates, and a ban on leaving the team hotel when traveling. It is unclear as of now whether Rodgers has been following all these protocols — although he has not been wearing a mask during in-person postgame press conferences — but we do know that he attended a Halloween party without a mask this past weekend after videos of him were posted to Twitter and other platforms.


“There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated and it’s a personal decision,” he said in the August press conference. “It’s an interesting issue that I think we’re going to see played out the entire season.”

ESPN also reported that Rodgers “petitioned the NFL to have an alternate treatment that he underwent before he returned to the Packers that would allow him to be considered the same as someone who received one of the approved vaccinations.” Obviously, they denied that petition, and has been considered an unvaccinated player by the NFL, despite leading the public and the press to believe otherwise.


Backup quarterback Jordan Love, who was somewhat controversially drafted by Green Bay in 2020, will start the game (and finish it, as the Packers’ third string QB also tested positive) against Patrick Mahomes and his struggling Chiefs team in Kansas City this Sunday. This will be Love’s first start with the Packers.