Aaron Rodgers lures old friend Randall Cobb to New York Jets

Reunited and it feels so good?

“Won’t you be my neighbor?” Aaron Rodgers probably said over the phone to another former teammate, coaxing them to join his circus in the New Jersey suburbs. This time falling for the optical illusion was reportedly Randall Cobb, who will stay on the same squad as the 39-year-old quarterback after all, signing a one-year deal with the New York Jets.

Cobb and Rodgers were teammates in Green Bay for 10 seasons, only interrupted by Cobb’s non-descript tenures with the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans for two years. And the next chapter of the greater New York Darkness Retreats rolls on.

Cobb is Rodgers’ 4th former teammate to join Gang Green

Cobb is the fourth former Green Bay teammate of Rodgers to come to East Rutherford, New Jersey, this offseason alongside Tim Boyle, Billy Turner, and fellow receiver Allen Lazard. The reunion is all under the guidance of failed Broncos head coach and now Jets’ offensive coordinator Nathaniel “can’t” Hackett, who also served as the OC in Green Bay before his terrible time in Denver. The move to add Cobb isn’t a surprise at all, as he was reportedly part of Rodgers’ “wish list” of teammates he presented to the Jets back in March. Also on the alleged list was now Baltimore Raven Odell Beckham Jr. and free agent tight end Marcedes Lewis, who at 38, is probably done in the NFL. And during an appearance earlier this year on the Pat McAfee Show, he said he wanted to play with the “Randall Cobbs of the world.” And now, he’s got the real thing.

The Aaron Rodgers experiment will be one of the NFL’s biggest trainwrecks, mixed with a shitty reality television show that the league has ever seen. We all know it’s trash, but we can’t look away and get enough of the mess that will unfold. The weird part is the Jets should be a playoff team this season. New York has no chance to win the AFC East, as Buffalo, the only team to actually play its home games in New York, is still several tiers above what exists in New Jersey. And the addition of Cobb only gives Rodgers more ammo that he’s the center of the universe. Great, exactly what we need. And there was much rejoicing.