Kyrie Irving continues his ongoing quest to make everyone dislike him

Ugh…Kyrie freakin Irving

Kyrie Irving is back at it again, chastising fans and media for talking about his free agency status and demanding everyone stop. Irving doesn’t want fans to @ him on social media platforms anymore and says he sees it all, and it’s time to stop. This message directly from Kyrie was disseminated via Twitter. Go figure.

“I’m a free agent this summer, But I am in no rush to make a decision… When they speak on my name talking about potential teams, can y’all please stop paying attention to that,” the mercurial guard said.

Here we go again. Kyrie is upset with folks for mentioning his name as a professional athlete. He wants the world to revolve around his mood and what he deems acceptable behavior. Don’t be a public figure if you don’t want your personal life in the public eye. It sucks, but it comes with the territory, unfortunately. As an athlete, and a damn good one at that, you will be in the spotlight. Sure, it gets tiresome, but going to social media to let people know you’re tired of them talking about you makes as much sense as the earth being flat.

“Whatever color you are, whatever creed, whatever religion you are, a lot of us need nurturing… We need to normalize family time, taking off the veil of technology. Stop letting technology control your fucking mind. Stop letting this sh*t do that. Go out in the sun, ground yourself. Learn what peace and mind actually means and pray to god.”

Whenever Kyrie opens his mouth, something dumb usually comes out

Sometimes Irving’s messages are on point, but then he says something like this, telling the masses not to let “technology control your fucking mind” while using technology to spread his words of wisdom. But again, Kyrie is always the smartest guy in the room. Freaking genius.

If Irving wants ESPN, FS1, and others to cease talking about his upcoming free agent decision so badly, why not go Zero Dark Thirty like his boy LeBron James and shut down his social media for awhile? No, he wants the world to revolve around his desires and completely stop what they’re doing. Talk about entitlement.

How about not sitting courtside during the Western Conference Finals as James and the Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets? If Kyrie didn’t think that would become a story, he’s not nearly as bright as he would like us to believe. The bottom line is Kyrie Irving needs to get over Kyrie Irving.

Losing Aaron Rodgers to the 49ers would be such a Jets thing to happen

Rumors are heating that up Aaron Rodgers could be headed to San Francisco instead of New York

So, now Aaron Rodgers might actually be on his way to San Francisco, not New York? Hmmmm…what the hell just happened here? Crap like this has turned so many people off from A-Rod over the years. All this foolishness with his immunizations and darkness retreats. A month ago, Rodgers spoke of how he was ready to play in the Big Apple for the Jets and had his list of players he wanted to be signed and this and that. On Wednesday, former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber mentioned that the 49ers could be possible after all that commotion about Rodgers heading to NYC. This was a little nugget FS1 host Craig Carton dropped a few weeks earlier.

“All of this little simmering, it’s not even like smoke coming out of this thing, it’s just a little crinkling of flames starting to burgeon up under the leaves about Aaron Rodgers actually going to the 49ers as opposed to the Jets now has some validity,” Barber said Wednesday on “Tiki & Tierney.”

If any of this is true about the Niners swooping in to nab Rodgers — who is from California — the Jets should be livid. Although, if the rumors are correct about Jets’ owner Woody Johnson holding up the trade because of concerns over a first-round pick if A-Rod retires, then he only has himself to blame if all this blows up in his face. Of course, it would be true to form for the Jets to screw this deal up. But Rodgers isn’t without fault as he plays the role of manipulative lover leading his new suitor on to make others jealous. Freakin’ A-Rod, man. Can we just get something done here so everyone can move on and stop caring about Rodgers until September? Please.