Jimmy White vs Judd Trump's Eurosport Masters shot of the championship pot

Judd Trump was awarded Eurosport’s Masters shot of the championship, and it proved too tricky even for Jimmy White.

During his win over Kyren Wilson in the quarter-finals, Trump went for a long red to the bottom left with the white tight to the baulk cushion.

That alone was a high enough tariff, but he put some sauce on top by attempting to flick another red off the left cushion and bringing the white out into play.

The Masters

‘No regrets’ – Trump not disappointed with Masters loss to Hawkins


The world No. 2 executed it to perfection, and it impressed Ronnie O’Sullivan in the Eurosport studio.

“Just potting the red is good enough,” O’Sullivan said. ”But to get the other red off and a half-ball cannon to get the white out. That is as pure as they come.”

White is never one to pass up a challenge and he attempted to recreate the effort, albeit he was not too confident.

“I am keeping my jacket on so I have an excuse,” White said.

In fairness to White, the red wriggled in the jaws of the pocket before being spat out.

“I’d stop there,” advised O’Sullivan.

White is not one to throw in the towel, and he took off the jacket for two further attempts but he could not produce what Trump had done.

We cannot comment as to whether White is still attempting the pot.

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The Masters

Hawkins topples Trump in deciding frame to set up Masters final clash with Robertson


The Masters

Broken pocket halts play in Trump vs Hawkins Masters semi-final


'No regrets' – Trump not disappointed with Masters loss to Hawkins

Judd Trump had no regrets following his loss to Barry Hawkins in the semi-finals of the Masters, lamenting the fact he did not get a chance in the final couple of frames.

World No. 2 Trump’s season so far was summed up at Alexandra Palace on Saturday, as he showed flashes of brilliance but was unable to deliver on a consistent basis.
He had the chance to reach his second Masters final, as he led 5-4 but was shut out in the concluding couple of frames.

The Masters

Hawkins topples Trump in deciding frame to set up Masters final clash with Robertson


Trump did not score a point in frames 10 or 11, as Hawkins held his nerve to book his place in a second Masters final.

“I gave it my all,” Trump told Eurosport. “I just did not play as well as in the first couple of games and he won the scrappy ones, which was important.

“I did not get any chances in the last two frames. It is always disappointing when you do not get a shot to see what you could have done, but I did not miss anything.”

Trump will now turn his attentions to the German Masters, which is live on Eurosport from January 26, and he will head to the Tempodrom in Berlin in a positive frame of mind.

“No regrets,” he said. “I am not that disappointed. I gave it my all.

“You have days like that. Sometimes you get through them, others you don’t.”

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The Masters

Broken pocket halts play in Trump vs Hawkins Masters semi-final


The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Hawkins edges Trump in thriller to secure Robertson final showdown


Hawkins topples Trump in deciding frame to set up Masters final clash with Robertson

Barry Hawkins stuck limpet-like to Judd Trump before putting his nose in front when it mattered in a final-frame shootout to book his place in the final of the Masters.

Hawkins has proved a tough opponent for Trump down the years, and it proved to be the case once again as his win made their career head to head in tournaments six apiece.

Trump was once again a shade below his best, and it allowed Hawkins to keep in the hunt before asserting in a final-frame decider.

The Masters

Broken pocket halts play in Trump vs Hawkins Masters semi-final


After a huge fluke with his opening shot of the match, the first frame appeared plain sailing for Trump as he got in the balls and looked good. But he ran out of position on 46 to allow a Hawkins counter. The frame came down to a safety battle on the colours. Trump bossed the exchange for large spells, but left Hawkins a long blue. He stepped to the table having not potted a ball for almost 20 minutes, but knocked it in to pinch the frame.

To lose the opening frame after bossing it could have been a blow to Trump’s confidence but he responded in excellent fashion to secure the second with a break of 86.

An excellent red into left middle at the start of the third suggested Trump’s confidence was growing. He did not kill off the frame at the first visit, but a 63 – which included a couple of pieces of ‘naughty snooker’ put him into the lead.

The fourth frame was a carbon copy of the opener, with both making runs in the 40s, before a safety battle ensued. Once again it was Trump who dominated the exchange, and at times had Hawkins chasing shadows. The Hawk kept finding the escape, and cashed in on a Trump error to knock in a long green and tough brown with the rest to draw level at the interval.

While Hawkins has proved a good match for Trump, what the latter has in his armoury is the X-Factor ability to knock in stunning pots. Tight on the baulk cushion at the start of the fifth frame, he rolled in a stunning red to the bottom left. After getting position on the black, it was a surprise to see him make only 36 – which has been his season in a microcosm: flashes of rather than sustained brilliance.

Trump may have a sprinkling of stardust, but Hawkins has gritty determination and a reply of 60 brought him firmly back into the frame and he pinched a tight one for the third time in the match when Trump missed a tough green.

A broken pocket briefly halted play, but it did not knock Hawkins off his stride as he rolled in his second century of the week to move 4-2 ahead. It was a brilliant break, but only came about after he had fouled and Trump invited him to play again. With no apparent safety on offer, he drained a red and cleared with a 124.

Trump was under the pump after losing three frames on the spin, but stopped the rot by taking the seventh to cut the deficit to one. After passing up a chance in the seventh, Hawkins did the same in the eighth – and a break of 65 enabled Trump to draw level.

Trump’s two-frame burst put the pressure back on Hawkins and he made a safety error, which prompted a swipe of the table in frustration. It’s rare for the Hawkins to show emotion, but he was left to stew in his chair as the 2019 Masters champion stroked in a 54 to move back in front.

Hawkins played front-foot snooker all night, and with his back to the wall he did not shirk the challenge. A miss from Trump opened the door, and a run of 46 earned him a handy lead. He got in again after a poor Trump safety to close out the frame and set up a decider for the second time in the day, after Neil Robertson had beaten Mark Selby in the afternoon.

A safety battle kicked off the decider, with Trump forced into taking a tough pot after being denied any route back to baulk. It missed, which presented Hawkins with a chance.

He did not take the first, but an excellent safety drew a mistake from Trump – who went for a tough red only to see it wobble in the jaws.

The pressure was immense but the reds were split nicely and Hawkins retained excellent cue-ball control – and a break of 58 put him firmly in the driving seat. Trump went for broke on a tough red into left middle, but it did not drop and Hawkins picked off red and a colour to book his place in the final – and he celebrated wildly with the crowd in a huge release of emotion.

Both Robertson and Hawkins went through the wringer, and it could be a case of who recovers best for Sunday.

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The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Hawkins edges Trump in thriller to secure Robertson final showdown


The Masters

‘Rubbish, I rolled over’ – Selby slams ‘pathetic’ Masters exit to Hawkins


Broken pocket halts play in Trump vs Hawkins Masters semi-final

The Masters has had everything this week, with brilliant pots, drama, crowd participation – and in the semi-final between Judd Trump and Barry Hawkins, a broken pocket.

Hawkins had just moved 3-2 ahead and all seemed well with the world as the players left the arena for a short break.

Upon their return, the bottom-right pocket was without a rail to catch the balls.

The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Trump and Hawkins in titantic tussle to reach final


Referee Jan Verhaas may not be the king of DIY in his house, as he took one look at it and appeared to put it in the “too difficult” bracket.

“A bit of a malfunction there with the pocket, so a but of reparatory work is required,” said Phil Studd on Eurosport commentary.

While the pocket was being repaired, the Eurosport studio took centre stage and Jimmy White had a fantastic anecdote.

“Years ago, Tony Drago was playing and he missed a shot and kicked the pocket, and not only did the pocket fall down, the cushion fell off the table,” White said.

“He won the match; I think the other guy was too scared to pot a ball after that.”

Upon the resumption, Trump felt it would be wise to test the remedial work as he crunched a long red into the heart of the leather – and the rail stayed in place.

‘He’s answered the spectator’s call’ – Trump pots red in repaired pocket

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The Masters

‘Rubbish, I rolled over’ – Selby slams ‘pathetic’ Masters exit to Hawkins


The Masters

‘I love you Mark’ – fan makes feelings known for Selby


Masters 2022 LIVE: Hawkins edges Trump in thriller to secure Robertson final showdown

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The Masters

Broken pocket halts play in Trump vs Hawkins Masters semi-final


Has been a long old day of snooker magic, but we have two men left standing. It is 2012 champion Neil Robertson against 2016 finalist Barry Hawkins for the Paul Hunter Trophy and a £250,000 first prize. We will be back at 12:45pm GMT with all the build-up to the 48th final of the sport’s most coveted invitational event.

Hawkins 6-5 Trump

“It just wasn’t to be,” said Trump. “I had chances, he nicked all the scrappy ones (frames) and potted some great balls. I gave it my all after the interval, but it just wasn’t to be.”

Hawkins 6-5 Trump

“I was so nervous, I can’t believe it,” said Hawkins, who will face Neil Robertson in the Masters final on Sunday. “I’m so pleased. Speechless, I can’t describe it. Best atmosphere I’ve ever played in. I’m delighted, I’m buzzing.”

Hawkins 6-5 Trump

Superb moment of emotion. Hawkins punches the air. Another great match. Hawkins comes through 6-5 before an animated crowd.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (65-0)

Trump’s safety response leaves a mid-range red, but he jaws the object ball. Trump has a lifeline. Five reds still up. 67 still there, but Trump misses cut to a centre pocket. This is all over. Hawkins slides in red and blue.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (59-0)

Yellow finds the mark, but he is out of position again with six reds still left up. Finds another red, but break is going to conclude on 58. Time to put yellow ball safe. Which he does.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (55-0)

Has a clear run to the winning line, but we said that about Mark Williams earlier today. All about getting over the line in style. Don’t want your opponent coming back to the table looking for a snooker or two late in frame. Break moves to 54.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (15-0)

Timely safety shot from Hawkins forces Trump into a difficult attempt on a long red. Can’t knock it in. Suddenly second chance for Hawkins to reach the final. Glorious chance.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (1-0)

Trump tried to float home a tricky cut on a red. Was not easy, but neither was the safety shot. Hawkins gets first go at these balls, but hasn’t played a great positional shot off red hanging over pocket. Reprieve for Trump.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (0-0)

Some nice safety exchanges early in this decider after a standing ovation from the crowd. Both men just seeking that first chance to score.

Hawkins 5-5 Trump (0-0)

A classy 76 from Hawkins to level us up. All on the line again for the second time today. Dominant from Hawkins when he needed it.

Hawkins 4-5 Trump (66-0)

Trump feels a safety shot rolled off. Hawkins swerves home a red, back down for the yellow, then further down for the reds. Looks like 5-5 folks. Saturday night at the Ally Pally. Snooker, the game that keeps on giving.

Hawkins 4-5 Trump (46-0)

Hawkins inching towards the winning line in this frame, but the split on pack isn’t great. Picks out a great cut on a red when he needs it. Needs another 20 odd points to set up another decider at this year’s Masters, but he can’t find a cut on a red with the rest. Forced to finish on 46.

Hawkins 4-5 Trump (12-0)

Well, Trump well out for a red to the green bag. White comes back into the pack and has left Hawkins with a chance. Surely has to score here.

Hawkins 4-5 Trump (0-0)

54 from Trump to move one up with a possible two to play. And 5-4 to Trump. From 4-2 down, he has clicked into gear and then some. Looking for one more frame to secure a meeting with Neil Robertson in the final.

Hawkins 4-4 Trump (0-40)

Safety error by Hawkins has presented another scoring chance to Trump. His opponent will be fearing the worst at the moment.

Hawkins 4-4 Trump (0-24)

Hawkins snookered, but a fine escape at the fourth attempt. Superb from the Hawk.

Hawkins 4-4 Trump (0-11)

Noble attempt to release black from red with rest just fails. Back to baulk with the cue ball. An assured air suddenly emanating from the 2019 winner.

Hawkins 4-4 Trump (0-5)

Is Hawkins starting to falter? Trump again first among the balls in this ninth frame, but only a red and brown to start us. Safety shot coming up.

Hawkins 4-3 Trump (21-71)

Break moves to 65 and Hawkins is going to need snookers here. Heading for 4-4. Three snookers required with one red left up before Trump’s cross double ends the business.

Hawkins 4-3 Trump (21-25)

Trump dropping in a blue with a fine recovery pot. And on goes the world number two. Still plenty of work to be done.

Hawkins 4-3 Trump (21-6)

An error by Hawkins as a cut back on a red doesn’t drop. Was a tough, tough red and Trump has been presented with a golden chance.

Hawkins 4-3 Trump (21-0)

Superb safety shot from Hawkins has prompted an error from Trump. First chance in this frame falls to the world number 10. Black and pink out of commission at the moment, but plenty of reds in the open. Tried to release the pink, but is not ideal on next red.

Hawkins 4-3 Trump (0-0)

40 from Trump after he screws in a long yellow at the end of that seventh frame. Like vintage Jimmy White there. Or vintage Trump. All very delicately poised.

Hawkins 4-2 Trump (19-68)

So a run of 34 from Trump before Hawkins fails to escape from a snooker. Leaves a red on. Chance for Trump to make the winning thrust in this seventh frame.

Hawkins 4-2 Trump (19-9)

The Hawk growing in confidence with every shot it seems, but he has not landed ideally on a red from going into the pack off the blue. Attempted a tricky red from distance to remain at the table, but has instead left Trump in for an easy opener.

Hawkins 4-2 Trump (0-0)

A 124 clearance from Hawkins. He is sizzling out there and moves two to the good. Trump being given a taste of his own medicine. Some stunning pots.

Hawkins 3-2 Trump (61-14)

Break moves to 53 before Hawkins miscues potting red over a pocket. In goes a tough black seconds later. Break up to 60. Looking for all the world like 4-2 here.

Hawkins 3-2 Trump (6-14)

A key juncture of this match for both men. A pink drops in a centre pocket as Hawkins attempts to run safe. Trump deciding to put Hawkins back in. And Hawkins forces in the red. Well, Trump didn’t see that coming. What will he make here?

Hawkins 3-2 Trump (0-0)

Trump decides to push the boat out on a tough green down the cushion. Green doesn’t drop and Hawkins takes out green, brown, blue and pink. Hawkins ahead again at 3-2.

Hawkins 2-2 Trump (60-41)

A 60 break from Hawkins, but not quite over the line as a tough green fails to drop. Trump uses the green to develop the pink and snooker Hawkins, but a fine escape. More safety excursions to follow on five remaining colours.

Hawkins 2-2 Trump (19-41)

Hawkins with the table at his mercy. Trump forced to sit and suffer.

Hawkins 2-2 Trump (1-41)

Trump with a dominant lead in the fifth frame, but pushes the boat out as a plant to a centre pocket doesn’t drop. Hawkins presented with chance to recover. Slot a nice red and this is a serious scoring opportunity.

Hawkins 2-2 Trump (0-0)

Hawkins punches in green, brown, blue and pink to pinch the fourth frame. Big steal from the Hawk. It is 2-2 at the mid-session interval. Poor shot from Trump on the green in trying to run the object ball safe. This match in the balance.

Hawkins 1-2 Trump (41-43)

Some lovely stuff from Trump to get reds into play. Comes to the colours holding a lead of two points. Safety duel to settle the frame.

Hawkins 1-2 Trump (41-17)

Brilliant cut on a red from Trump to a middle pocket. Hawkins is not far enough ahead to sit comfortably in his chair, but awkward for Trump. A lovely brown to a middle pocket to keep the break going.

Hawkins 1-2 Trump (41-0)

Hawkins up to 40 as he drops a green in a middle pocket. But then loses the cue ball in holing a red. Just the safety shot on 41 with green dumped on side cushion.

Hawkins 1-2 Trump (31-0)

Poor safety shot by Trump. Leaves Hawkins with a starter red over a middle pocket. Important for him to make a decent contribution at this visit.

Hawkins 1-2 Trump (0-0)

One more frame before the mid-session interval. Suspect this is more important for Hawkins than Trump.

Hawkins 1-1 Trump (1-92)

Trump is going to move 2-1 clear of the 2013 world finalist. Hawkins hasn’t played badly, but has been found wanting in key moments. A break of 63 in the third frame from the world number two.

Hawkins 1-1 Trump (1-30)

Trump with another error. Well, that is surprising. Yet to find peak form, and Hawkins can launch the counter attack, but he then leaves a black off the spot in the jaws. Bad miss.

Hawkins 1-1 Trump (0-11)

Hawkins 1-1 Trump (0-0)

A knock of 86 from Trump after a Hawkins error. Much smoother from the Juddernaut among the balls. We are level at 1-1.

Hawkins 1-0 Trump (4-43)

Trump leaving himself a just off straight mid-range red from rolling in blue. Back for the blue with a deep screw shot. This is beginning to look like a frame-winning chance.

Hawkins 1-0 Trump (0-0)

Important for Hawkins to keep pace this evening you suspect and winning that first frame will do his confidence no harm.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (72-61)

But Trump isn’t going to get chance to finish off the frame as Hawkins picks out glorious long blue before rolling in pink and black to pinch the first frame. A 1-0 lead for the Hawk.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (54-61)

Hawkins leaves the yellow. Trump rolls in yellow, green and brown, but just the safety on the blue. Trump looking for blue and pink.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (54-52)

Well, a very tight finish to this first frame. Hawkins faced with a tricky safety shot on the yellow. Opts to come off two cushions to hit the yellow rather than swerving it. Mark Williams should have played a similar shot this afternoon.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (50-50)

Hawkins finds a cracking snooker behind brown which Trump escapes from off three cushions the second time.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (46-46)

Hawkins managed to overcome world champion Mark Selby in the safety department of his 6-1 win in the quarter-finals last night.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (46-46)

Both men with 46s. And we are level with two reds left on table.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (30-46)

Trump fails to sink long red and leaves the red for the Hawk. Chance of the counter attack coming up for the 2016 Masters finalist.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (0-46)

Quickly up to 40 before he picks out a thin cutback on a red, but out of position on 46. Just the safety.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (0-26)

Trump gets the pack of reds open brilliantly via blue and this is a glorious chance already to win the frame. All the reds are wide open.

Hawkins 0-0 Trump (0-5)

Trump goes for a long red, but ends up fluking it off the brown and he is right on the green ball. Lively start to the evening.

Robertson fights back to seal final spot

An astonishing end to the first semi-final earlier today. In case you missed it.

‘This is incredible snooker’ – Robertson beats Williams to reach Masters final

Welcome back

World number two Judd Trump meets Barry Hawkins in the second semi-final at Alexandra Palace. Neil Robertson edged out Mark Williams 6-5 on the final black in the first semi-final having trailed 4-1 and needing two snookers in the final frame.

Thanks for joining us

Quite an afternoon of snooker. We will be back at 7pm with Judd Trump facing Barry Hawkins in the second semi-final.

Robertson 6-5 Williams

Robertson 6-5 Williams

“I was trying to get that last red in, but I couldn’t quite do it,” said Williams. “I could have won it, should have won it, but did twitch the black to win 6-3 and that is the only ball I twitched all week.”

Robertson 6-5 Williams

“Never give up,” said the 2012 Masters champion Robertson. “There is just something special about both of us coming out to the decider. You’ll probably never see that again in the sport. Will take a few hours to get over that.

“The match had everything you could want to script. I was out of the tournament, but suddenly I am in the final.

“I needed two snookers at 5-5. I managed to hold myself together at the end. I feel as if I’ve got nothing to lose because I was out of the tournament.”

Robertson 6-5 Williams (69-67)

Match is at the mercy of Robertson. In goes blue, pink and black. What a finale. Williams blew his chance at the death.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (44-67)

Williams leaves door open by failing to sink a long red. Williams 29 clear with 27 left on colours, but he hits the green trying to swerve to hit the yellow. Robertson can win now.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (30-67)

Well, Williams is 37 clear with 35 left before Williams plays a miraculous escape to keep the black out hanging over the pocket with red on top of it. How did he hit the red and keep the black out of the pocket. A stunning shot. So twitchy, but nerves of steel.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (26-67)

Robertson pots the penultimate red, but he is not on the black that he needs. Forced to pot brown, but will need two snookers.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (21-67)

Williams with a full ball escape from a snooker. Just shaved the side of the red. Wow. This is a nervy finale to an epic match.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (21-67)

Well, Williams is 46 ahead with 43 left up..not over just yet. Williams so close to the final.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (21-58)

Lovely shot from Williams to get the reds open from blue. This is a glorious chance to get himself into the final, but he has just run out of position at key moment. He then flukes red after missing to a centre pocket. Would you believe this?

Robertson 5-5 Williams (21-9)

Robertson takes eye off a red, but Williams can’t find a fine cut on the red. All a bit awkward at moment as Robertson can’t find a pot with the extended spider. Williams with a chance of his own here.

Robertson 5-5 Williams (7-0)

Williams goes for a long red, but just slightly out. First chance to Robertson. Will Williams come back to the table?

Robertson 5-5 Williams (0-0)

Majestic 119 break from the world number four. So there we go. It is 5-5.

Robertson 4-5 Williams (83-0)

Heading for a deciding frame then and Robertson seeking out a century break

Robertson 4-5 Williams (67-0)

Shot time is down to 13 seconds. Motoring towards the decider it seems.

Robertson 4-5 Williams (45-0)

Robertson under attack from a wasp this time. Flies and wasps, but the Australian is unperturbed as he bids to force the deciding frame.

Robertson 4-5 Williams (25-0)

Robertson coming on strong at exactly the right time here as he tucks away another trademark long red, but breaks down quickly on nine. Williams makes a mess of a safety shot and he is trouble again in this frame.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (108-23)

17 seconds average shot time in this break. All too easy for Robertson. Williams missed a trick in this frame. He leads 5-4. A 95 break closes the gap.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (34-23)

Would be very surprised if Robertson doesn’t finish off frame in his favour at this visit.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (29-23)

Well, what a miss. Black off the spot rattles in the jaws and suddenly Robertson has the table at his mercy. Pressure of the moment.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (13-22)

Here is that key fluke from Williams in the previous frame. Good time to get a fluke made better by his 91 break off it. Drills home a long-range red from a poor Robertson safety. What a chance this is.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (5-0)

Williams can’t pick out a long red, and he has not run safe either. Presents Robertson with the first scoring chance of the ninth frame.

Robertson 3-5 Williams (0-0)

2200 fans loving this match so far. We are ready to go with the ninth frame. Robertson appears to be unhappy with the excess noise.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-91)

So that fluke is going to cost Robertson the frame without doing anything wrong. Was pressure on this visit for Williams, but he has got on with the job supremely. Looking for one more frame from the final three for victory. 91 break from Williams.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-41)

Williams back in stroke here after that stroke of good fortune. Huge moments in this match for the ‘Welsh potting machine’.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (1-14)

Williams attempted to play safe. White connects with red on way up before red drops into the centre pocket. What a spot of luck that is. Chance for Williams to reassert himself courtesy of that fluke.

Robertson 3-4 Williams (0-0)

83 from the Australian this time. Was a possible 142 on there, but will be content to cut the deficit. Back we go into the eighth frame of an absorbing semi-final.

Robertson 2-4 Williams (69-0)

The Melbourne man picking off these reds with ease. Looked like trailing 5-1, but will be back to 4-3 adrift. Picking up the pace and could be a second century of the afternoon.

Robertson 2-4 Williams (20-0)

Brilliant shot by Robertson to crack open the pack of reds from a blue. Reds are in open. Great chance to score in this frame.

Robertson 2-4 Williams (0-0)

Off we go then into the seventh frame. Such a pivotal frame coming up.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (71-46)

Nice finish by the Australian. Robertson is unhappy with something in the arena. Williams should have won the frame, but doesn’t. Surprising error.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (46-46)

All the nerves coming to the fore as Williams can’t hole a red to a centre pocket. Bad miss. Robertson thumps in red and looks poised to close to 4-2 behind.

Robertson 1-4 Williams (37-25)

Really not Robertson’s day so far. Has missed a straight red. Seemed to be distracted by a glass noise. Williams given another chance and has hardly missed an easy ball today, but the Welshman misses a straight red to a middle. Not sure if he got a bad contact, but then Robertson misses routine black. Unbelievable scenes.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (20-103)

Robertson gives it the Aussie salute in trying to get rid of an Ally Pally fly, but a lot more difficult to swat Williams aside. He is two frames off the Masters final with a closing 60 enough for 4-1

Robertson 1-3 Williams (20-62)

Massive error by Robertson. Tried to play safe, but ends up thumping into the pack from the top cushion. Opens up the frame and this should be a 4-1 lead for the Welshman.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (20-43)

Some lovely pots from Robertson, but breaks down on 20. Williams with a lead of 23, six reds remaining.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (11-43)

Not enough from Williams at two visits. 43-0 clear, but counter will come from Robertson. What will he make?

Robertson 1-3 Williams (0-30)

Robertson left with a red to a middle pocket, but can’t slot the object ball. Surprising miss. Really surprising. Williams with another fine chance to add to his lead.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (0-0)

Genuine quality so far from Williams in this match.

Robertson 1-3 Williams (0-0)

The Welsh icon takes the frame. What a steal that is from Williams. Majestic level of play. A 3-1 lead. The yellow was the key ball. 53-60 with 60 overcoming the 52. We are at the mid-session interval.

Robertson 1-2 Williams (53-42)

This is remarkable from Williams. Vintage level of performance so far. In goes the yellow at mid-range. Every chance of stealing this frame.

Robertson 1-2 Williams (53-8)

Williams can’t cut in a red early in the fourth frame and Robertson looks like he is going to punish the Welsh player until he misses a pink off the spot. Astonishing miss. 53 in it in with 67 left up.

Robertson 1-2 Williams (1-0)

The crowd are loving this. Breaks of 59 and 71. Williams the man with the action plan at the moment before Robertson piles in with a red early on. Final frame before the mid-session interval.

Robertson 1-1 Williams (4-71)

Floats in another mid-range red to keep break moving along. Looks like he is going to lead 2-1.

Robertson 1-1 Williams (4-71)

Williams back at the table in the third frame. Strolling around the table like he is out on the golf course eyeing up a putt on the green. Bends a brilliant shot around the pink to slot the red. This is marvellous stuff.

Selby reveals mental health battle

The world champion has tweeted today after his 6-1 defeat to Barry Hawkins in the quarter-finals last night. Obviously does not sound great and wish him well for a quick recovery. He is due back in action against Li Hang in the first round of the Shoot Out on Thursday in his home city of Leicester.

“Just want to apologise to all my friends and family for letting them down,” said Selby on Twitter. “Mentally not in a good place at moment, had a relapse and trying to bottle it up and put a brave face on is not the way. I promise I will get help and be a become a better person.”

Selby was scathing about the nature of his defeat to Hawkins. Which you can read about here: ‘Rubbish, I rolled over’ – Selby slams ‘pathetic’ Masters exit to Hawkins

Robertson 1-1 Williams (0-0)

We are level at 1-1 in this semi-final. Stunning stuff from the Welshman to win his first frame. Hotting up nicely out there.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-81)

Williams with a timely double on a red. 60 points clear with 59 remaining. Should level this match as he slots another red. Frame all over. 1-1.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-58)

Another superb recovery pot on a black from the three-times world champion. Up to 55 before he runs out of position. Nice lead, but frame far from over before Williams picks out a delightful cut on a red. This has been some break so far.

Robertson 1-0 Williams (0-17)

Williams with a fluke on red off the edge of another red attempting a double before he rolls in a black. Lovely cutback on black before he rolls in another red. Real chance to score a few points here.

Robertson 0-0 Williams (103-22)

Ton up! A 102 to start with from Robertson. How good was that? Really on it right from the start. Robertson calm, composed and calculating among the balls. He leads 1-0.

Robertson 0-0 Williams (57-22)

This is very impressive from the Australian. Has put his one chance away with some ease. Looks like 1-0 coming up.

Robertson 0-0 Williams (0-22)

Chance missed by Williams as a white careers into the pack of reds with red not dropping, but he hasn’t left anything for the Melburnian.

Robertson 0-0 Williams (0-7)

Robertson gets the ball rolling in this first semi-final of the 48th Masters. Mistake from the break-off by Robertson. Williams with a red over a centre pocket and first chance to score.

Robertson overcomes Rocket

The 2010 world champion completed a 6-4 triumph against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the last eight.

‘What a start’ – Robertson wins first frame against O’Sullivan with stunning 138

A reception for the ages

Enjoy this little slice of snooker magic from Williams’ 6-5 win over John Higgins on Thursday evening.

‘Just amazing stuff, it really is!’ – Williams and Higgins get raucous welcome ahead of final frame

Robertson looking for good omens

When Neil Robertson won his first and only Masters crown a decade ago, he defeated Mark Williams 6-4 in the quarter-finals in the first year the tournament was moved to the Alexandra Palace from Wembley. Williams’ last key victory over this distance against the Australian came with a 6-5 victory in the semi-finals of the 2011 Shanghai Masters.

Good afternoon

We are all ready to go with the first semi-final at London’s Alexandra Palace as former Masters champions Neil Robertson and Mark Williams confront each other. The second semi-final will see Judd Trump meet Barry Hawkins at 7pm tonight. Around 4,000 fans inside the Ally Pally for these clashes on a real snooker Super Saturday. Lets get the boys on the baize.

‘Rubbish, I rolled over’ – Selby slams ‘pathetic’ Masters exit to Hawkins

Mark Selby was scathing about his performance in the aftermath of his shock 6-1 defeat to close friend Barry Hawkins on Friday night in the Masters quarter-finals at Alexandra Palace.

The world champion and world number one was a shadow of himself in suffering a galling exit at the sport’s biggest invitational event, a tournament he has lifted three times in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Selby failed to register a break over 50 and was outplayed in the safety department as Hawkins secured a semi-final on Saturday evening with 2019 winner Judd Trump despite playing well within himself, highlights being modest knocks of 65 and 58.

Read full story here.

– –

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The Masters

‘Rubbish, I rolled over’ – Selby slams ‘pathetic’ Masters exit to Hawkins


The Masters

‘I love you Mark’ – fan makes feelings known for Selby


Hard working Trump will 'take a lot of shifting' at the Masters – Foulds and White

Judd Trump is reaping the benefits of hard work, and will be tough to shift for the rest of the Masters field – according to Neal Foulds and Jimmy White.

Trump backed up his 6-5 win over Mark Allen in the first round, in which he played superbly, with a 6-1 victory over Kyren Wilson in the quarter-finals.

The level of performance against Wilson was not as good as what he produced against Allen, but he played excellent match-snooker and gained his reward.

The Masters

‘Come on, baby. Yeah!’ – Trump revels in Alexandra Palace atmosphere


“It is not all about centuries, it is about hard, match-play snooker,” White said on Eurosport. “Trump looked very focused in that match.

“He’s the type of player who if he got to the final, he could turn it on and play unplayable snooker. He has that in his locker.”

Wilson was in awe of a shot Trump played when leading 2-1, and it also impressed White.

“That red he played where he knocked it off the side cushion, it is such a difficult shot to play,” White said. “But make no mistake, Judd Trump with his brother will put up 200 long reds in a practice session and all of a sudden these shots become easy to play when they are so difficult. For an average player, a shot like that is maybe one in ten. For these guys, it is eight or nine out of ten as they put in the work, and once it is in the tank it comes out in a match situation.”

Foulds was impressed with how Trump went about his win over Wilson, and feels he is the man to beat at Alexandra Palace.

“His highest break was 76, but he made a lot of telling breaks,” Foulds said. “He can be vulnerable early on, he showed that against Mark Allen where he could easily have lost, but if he can get through those early rounds, he is usually a dangerous prospect.

“Once he is there and entrenched in the tournament, he is the man to beat.

“He is a winner and a class player, and now he is still in and here for the weekend, he is going to take a lot of shifting now.”

– – –

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The Masters

Trump crushes Wilson to power into Masters semi-finals


The Masters

‘He won’t be happy with that one’ – Surprising Trump miss does not prove costly


'Come on, baby. Yeah!' – Trump revels in Alexandra Palace atmosphere

Judd Trump brushed aside the challenge of Kyren Wilson to reach the semi-finals of the Masters, and he’s revelling in the atmosphere at Alexandra Palace.

After the event was played behind closed doors in Milton Keynes last year, the atmosphere in 2022 has been something special.

Ronnie O’Sullivan got the kind of ovation Ronnie O’Sullivan does, while Mark Williams and John Higgins got a staggering reception for their quarter-final clash.

The Masters

Trump crushes Wilson to power into Masters semi-finals


With O’Sullivan now out of the tournament, following his loss to Neil Robertson, Trump has assumed the mantle of crowd favourite, and It is something he is relishing.
Following his 6-1 win over Wilson, Trump said: “Come on, baby. Yeah!

“The crowd is just so good here. I wish every tournament was here.

“It is incredible, it is why I play the game. Just look, it is unbelievable.

“The reception Mark Williams and John Higgins got yesterday, and today. I can’t wait to be out here again.”

The scoreline was not a true reflection of the match, as Wilson had chances. He should arguably have gone into the interval all square at 2-2 and had Trump in bother in the fifth.

“I am very happy to win that so comfortably in the end because at one point it looked like it was going 2-2,” Trump said on Eurosport. “I made a couple of really good clearances and that is what turned it.

“It wasn’t like the century breaks of the first round, but I did not miss a lot and when I was in the balls I was quite clinical.”

Trump – who was absent 12 months ago after a positive coronavirus test – has changed his preparations, and feels it has been of benefit.

“It is so special,” Trump said. “Missing it last year was devastating, so I have come here to try and enjoy myself a bit more.

“It is the first time I’ve not been staying in Essex. It feels more of an event staying in a hotel and maybe this is a good thing. I feel more at home in the tournament.”

– – –

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The Masters

‘He won’t be happy with that one’ – Surprising Trump miss does not prove costly


The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Fired-up Trump ends Wilson hopes in last eight


Trump crushes Wilson to power into Masters semi-finals

Judd Trump followed up his mauling of Kyren Wilson at the Champion of Champions with a 6-1 win to reach the semi-finals of the Masters.

Trump, who missed the Masters last year after a positive coronavirus test, produced the performance of the first round with three tons in his narrow win over Mark Allen.

The level was not as good against Wilson at Alexandra Palace on Friday, but his match-play was strong as he got ahead early and kept his opponent at bay.

The Masters

‘He won’t be happy with that one’ – Surprising Trump miss does not prove costly


It proved to be a cagey start with both players squandering chances. After missing a simple red to bottom left, one shot later Trump stroked in a glorious long red into the same pocket. It seemed to settle the nerves, as he knocked in an excellent break of 68 to draw first blood.

Trump carried the confidence gleaned from the first frame into the second. A foul from Wilson handed him a chance, and he took it with an excellent opening red. The pot itself, by Trump’s standards, was not high-tariff, but to hold for position was exceptional and it set up a run of 74 to take the frame.

Wilson was under pressure at the start of the third and it showed as he attempted a fiendishly difficult blue along the baulk rail he probably would not have taken on had Trump not been two frames to the good. The blue stayed above ground to hand Trump a chance, but he surprisingly miscued a black and Wilson took his second opening with a break of 71 to get on the board.

By getting on the scoresheet, Wilson snapped a run of eight losing frames on the spin against Trump – having been thrashed 6-0 at the Champion of Champions (this ignores a Championship League meeting last week).

Wilson had a big chance to draw level but broke down on 54. He was heavy favourite, but Trump strategically lifted reds off cushions and knocked in a stunning pot to set up the counter. He did not falter, and put the miscue in the third out of his mind with a glorious break of 50 to steal.

‘Gone everywhere’ – Unexpected Trump shot offers Wilson chance

Seeing Trump pinch the fourth was a blow to Wilson. The fifth saw the world number two take a sledgehammer to his opponent’s ribs. With a healthy lead, Wilson laid a snooker and looked in total command of the frame. Trump extricated himself from the snooker and the counter was poetry in motion. He picked off easy reds, shifted one that was welded to the right cushion and stroked in another down the left rail to move three frames to the good.

Trump has only one trophy to his name this season. Only, is in comparison to five last term. But his body language this week is of a player who has his belief back, and a break of 67 after Wilson had missed a red into right middle moved him to within one of victory.

It’s fair to say Wilson did not have the run of the balls, and he could be forgiven for thinking he had crossed a black cat on the way in as in the seventh he knocked in a good blue, but cannoned a red and saw it plant onto another and into the bottom right.

It proved to be the final call for Wilson, as Trump got in moments later and a break of 42 set him on course for a semi-final with either Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins.

– – –

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The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Fired-up Trump ends Wilson hopes in last eight


The Masters

‘Very easy on the eye’ – White expects crowd to back Trump like they do O’Sullivan


'He won’t be happy with that one' – Surprising Trump miss does not prove costly

Momentum often ebbs and flows when top players face each other, and it was no different in the meeting between Judd Trump and Kyren Wilson.

Trump made a rapid start to their Masters quarter-final clash, as he opened up a two-frame lead and had a chance in the third.

A surprise miscue allowed Wilson to get on the board, and it was another miss from Trump in the fourth that handed his opponent a big opening.

The Masters

Masters 2022 LIVE: Trump leads Wilson in quarter-final showdown


Trump worked a chance in the fourth and dropped on a red, albeit one at a difficult angle. He would normally expect to make it, but it missed by a distance and on account of the pace he played the shot, it was calling all pockets.

Sadly for Trump, the reds stayed on the table.

“He won’t be happy with that one,” Philip Studd said on Eurosport commentary. “Reds everywhere, but sadly for Trump none in the pocket.

“It’s amazing how quickly the momentum can change. Trump was all over Wilson in the first two frames, was in in the third but got the miscue and now that missed red.”

Wilson had the chance to draw level at the interval, but he broke down and the momentum shifted back Trump’s way as a brilliant red set up the counter to move ahead at the interval.

‘Drew gasps!’ – Trump delights crowd with long pot

– – –

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The Masters

‘Very easy on the eye’ – White expects crowd to back Trump like they do O’Sullivan


The Masters

‘Still got it’ – White dazzles with carbon copy of a brilliant Trump pot


Masters 2022 LIVE: Fired-up Trump ends Wilson hopes in last eight


Judd Trump – Kyren Wilson


Thanks for joining us

We will be back at 7pm when world champion and world number one Mark Selby faces Barry Hawkins in his bid to secure a semi-final with Trump on Saturday evening at the Palace.

The Masters

Trump crushes Wilson to power into Masters semi-finals


Trump 6-1 Wilson

“I think my game is in a good place, I didn’t think I did too much wrong there,” said Wilson. “I’m looking forward to the next comp.”

Trump 6-1 Wilson

“Absolutely loving every minute of it out there,” said Trump. “It is inspiring, you want to go out there and do your best. This tournament is always special. It becomes electric in there over the weekend. It is going to be incredible.”

Trump 6-1 Wilson

“I made an important clearance to go 3-1,” said Trump, who will face Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins in the last four on Saturday evening. “The crowd is just so good here and I wish every tournament was here. It is incredible, it is why I play the game. I can’t wait to play out here again.”

Trump 6-1 Wilson

Pops red and pink in. That is the end of the business at hand. Trump will face Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins on Saturday night for a place in the final.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (55-1)

Wilson requiring one snooker otherwise it is frame and match over. Three reds left up.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (48-1)

Wilson running out of road as Trump looks to book his place in Saturday night’s semi-finals. Controlling the cue ball with a fair degree of authority.

Trump 5-1 Wilson (13-1)

Trump gets a huge kick in trying to pot a blue. So unfortunate. Wilson slots a nice red. Cuts the blue, but sees the white expertly plant two reds in the middle of the pack. Prompts a rueful smile. Not his day so far.

Trump 4-1 Wilson (74-1)

Trump is swarming all over these balls. Looks for all the money in the world like this is a four-frame advantage. Wilson missing balls at key moments so costly. A run of 67 that time.

Trump 4-1 Wilson (14-1)

Trump played a decent safety shot. Left a red over a middle bag. Thin cutback for Wilson, but he caught it too thick and has stuck up the game for the 2019 winner. Real chance for a 5-1 lead at this visit.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (76-48)

Trump plays a lovely cannon from pink to free red from a side cushion and is suddenly right in business. Slots final red with rest. Pops in yellow, green and brown seconds later to move 20 ahead before slamming in the blue on the double. Brilliant pink completes the run of 76. 4-1 now.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (13-45)

Wilson sees a red just fail to drop as red ball jaws in yellow pocket in baulk. Is this going to be another counter attack?

Trump 3-1 Wilson (0-45)

Trump sees a white fly into a pocket attempting a thin safety shot. Decent early chance for Wilson to apply some pressure after the body blow of losing the fourth frame.

Trump 3-1 Wilson (0-0)

Trump produced this magical shot ahead of the fifth frame. Will it be a match-changing moment?

Trump 2-1 Wilson (63-54)

A brilliant long red, a clearance of 50 to the pink and a huge steal from Trump. Super start to free red from the side cushion. A 3-1 lead instead of 2-2. A 15-minute break for the mid-session.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (48-54)

Well, what a twist this would be. Chance on for counter from Trump with the reds and colours suddenly available. This would be a body blow to ‘The Warrior’.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (13-54)

A run of 53 from Wilson, but that isn’t enough to get over the line. Frame still alive with four reds left on the table.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (13-19)

Not sure what happened there. Trump in control of the match leading 2-0, but seems to have lost the plot out there after the miscue in the third frame. Went for a cut on a red, but ends up butchering it. Walloped the object ball with too much pace, missed by miles and has set up Wilson with a fantastic chance to level this match.

Trump 2-1 Wilson (0-0)

71 from Wilson to trail 2-1. Vital to gain an early foothold and he found some exceptional cue ball control under the cosh. Bit more thumping music in between frames.

Trump 2-0 Wilson (2-57)

The man from Kettering has gone about his business diligently and Trump is going to pay a heavy price for the miscue it seems. Plenty of reds available to make a century.

Trump 2-0 Wilson (2-24)

Wilson finds a super long red, but can’t follow up with a blue. Trump then suffers a rare miscue. A quick reprieve for Wilson. Can he turn this into a frame-winning chance?

Trump 2-0 Wilson (0-0)

A break of 74 from the Juddernaut. Wilson has early trouble here. Badly needs to find some table time with two more frames before the mid-session interval.

Trump 1-0 Wilson (65-0)

Wilson forced to sit and suffer at the moment. Trump with a chance to make a century straight off the bat for a 2-0 advantage.

Trump 1-0 Wilson (22-0)

Trump with a nice starter to gain access to the table at the start of this second frame. Chance to maintain momentum and is stroking the white ball nicely.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (80-12)

Nice break from Trump to get the ball rolling in this match. Much more like it as he reaches 68 before narrowly missing a double on the final red. Was all under control after he holed that long red. A 1-0 lead.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (17-12)

Error by Wilson allows Trump chance to slot mid-range red which is followed by a yellow off the spot, but he then misses a cut on a red. All very twitchy until Trump rams home a fabulous long red.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (10-12)

Few early nerves out there as Wilson breaks down on 12 after a cut on a red fails to drop.

Trump 0-0 Wilson (0-0)

Wilson won his own epic with Stuart Bingham, coming through 6-5 on the final pink.

‘He can be very proud’ – Wilson the victor following enduring battle with Bingham

Naughty snooker on the horizon

Trump survived a thriller with a 6-5 win over Mark Allen to reach the last eight. Look at this little shot. Doesn’t get any better than this on a snooker table.

Trump plays ridiculous shot that no one saw coming

‘Electric’ Alexandra Palace atmosphere

Enjoy this clip from Mark Williams and John Higgins on Thursday evening. Lovely piece of footage from the North London venue with 2,000 snooker fans absolutely loving the game.

‘Just amazing stuff, it really is!’ – Williams and Higgins get raucous welcome ahead of final frame

Six men still standing in race for Paul Hunter Trophy and £250,000

Quick update on where we stand with the 48th edition of the coveted invitational event before today’s matches in last eight.


  • THU 13 JAN
  • 13:00 – Neil Robertson 6-4 Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • 19:00 – Mark Williams 6-5 John Higgins
  • FRI 14 JAN
  • 13:00 – Judd Trump v Kyren Wilson
  • 19:00 – Barry Hawkins v Mark Selby
  • Sat 15 Jan
  • 13:00 – Neil Robertson v Mark Williams
  • 19:00 – To be decided v To be decided
  • Sun 16 Jan
  • 13 + 19:00 – To be decided v To be decided

Good afternoon

Settle in for another appetising afternoon on the green baize as 2019 champion Judd Trump meets 2018 finalist Kyren Wilson in the third quarter-final. World champion and three-times winner Mark Selby faces 2016 runner-up Barry Hawkins from 7pm GMT this evening. Mark Williams and Neil Robertson contest the first semi-final on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. Should be some real drama coming up over next three days so get a warm cuppa to hand and enjoy the boys on the baize.


‘I was in the toilet and I heard them!’ – Williams on best atmosphere in 30 years as pro

Mark Williams has lavished praise on the crowd at the Alexandra Palace after his 6-5 win against John Higgins at the Masters.

The three-time world champion will face Neil Robertson in the semi-finals after the Class of ’92 grandees played out a match of the highest calibre in front of a raucous yet appreciative crowd

“It was just a great occasion,” said Williams. “I mean, I’ve never experienced a crowd like that. We had a standing ovation at the start which felt like it went for 10 minutes, and then again before the final frame.

“The respect between me and John is massive but when the crowd is like that it is unbelievable.”

Williams and Higgins played out a match befitting of their pre-match reception, taking it all the way to a final-frame decider. And Williams said that the reception the pair got was so loud ahead of the 11th frame that he could hear it from the toilets.

“I was in the toilet actually,” said Williams, when Eurosport pundit Jimmy White asked him about the second standing ovation.

And I heard them cheering for John. And when I went in, it was just electric. You know, it’s probably the best atmosphere I’ve ever played in 30 years as a professional.

‘Just amazing stuff, it really is!’ – Williams and Higgins get raucous welcome ahead of final frame

‘Like playing Federer at Wimbledon’ – Robertson on facing O’Sullivan at the Masters

Neil Robertson has compared facing Ronnie O’Sullivan at the Masters to taking on Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

Robertson got the better of O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals at Alexandra Palace on Thursday, which went some way to easing the pain of losing the final of the World Grand Prix to the Rocket last month.

It was a notable effort, as O’Sullivan was roared by his adoring public at Alexandra Palace.

Robertson was taken aback by the greeting O’Sullivan got from the crowd, but is aware the seven-time winner is a firm favourite of the Masters crowd – similar to how the Swiss tennis great is adored at SW19.

“It was amazing being out there,” Robertson told Eurosport. “I thought my reaction was amazing, but when Ronnie came out it was on another level again.

“It’s like playing Federer at Wimbledon, you know you are going to have the majority of the crowd against you. It has nothing to do with me personally, but Ronnie is like no other player we have had in the game.

“You have to respect that, but you also need to be ready to go and play well when you get the chances and I felt as though 90% of the match was fantastic. There were one or two mistakes but that is to be expected when you are playing in a cauldron of amazing fans.”

‘Any win over Ronnie O’Sullivan is one to celebrate’ – Robertson wraps up win with brilliant red

– – –

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The Masters

‘He won’t be happy with that one’ – Surprising Trump miss does not prove costly


The Masters

‘Very easy on the eye’ – White expects crowd to back Trump like they do O’Sullivan