Slow your roll on the $9.5M in NIL money


Ruiz and the Gator Collective have both solidly denied that they had any contact with Caspino regarding Rashada or with Rashada himself about these $9.5 million and $11 million deals that are floating around the rumor mill, despite Caspino’s statements to On3 declaring otherwise, and a tweet declaring that the collective was lying. The Gator Collective and a Florida employee actually asserted that Caspino had repeatedly reached out to them, but that they had refused to engage with him, a statement made more interesting by Caspino’s public trashing of the collective following Rashada’s commitment announcement.

So this leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. Is Caspino just lying about the numbers and the deals, making shit up as he goes along as a form of self-promotion and name recognition for his athletes? Or is he breaking explicit NIL guidelines by brokering deals prior to commitment during athletes’ recruiting periods? He’s either lying or violating the NCAA rules — neither of which look so hot for him right now, as his only defense at the moment appears to be accusing everyone else in the situation of lying, which would then mean that he was, in fact, breaking NIL guidelines. Admitting to stretching the truth might be a better move here for Caspino, whether or not he spoke with boosters and collectives during Rashada’s recruiting period, to protect himself, the athlete, and his relationships with other schools going forward, but that doesn’t look like the move he’s going with.