Kendrick Perkins love for Shaq and Kobe as all-time tandem will thrill Lakers fans

Some of the best players of all-time have played for the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant are two of those players, and Kendrick Perkins believes Shaq and Kobe are actually the greatest guard/big tandem of all-time, via ESPN on NBA.

Kendrick Perkins has Shaq and Kobe as number one, with some dynamic duos rounding out the top 5. Behind Shaq and Kobe are Bill Russell and Bob Cousy, then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, followed by Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, and finished off by Draymond Green and Stephen Curry.

One of the most astounding aspects of Big Perk’s list is that two of the duos belong to the Lakers, reminding of their status as one of the elite organizations in the history of the NBA. It is also really cool to see Green and Curry still on the list, as both will still be competing for an NBA Championship as soon as next season.

Having Shaq and Kobe can’t be argued very heavily, as the duo combined for three straight rings with the Lakers from 2000-2002. They combined for some of the most iconic memories in Lakers history and will forever be engrained in Los Angeles lore.

It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction from Denver Nuggets fans from this list, as Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are quickly becoming an elite duo. If the two are able to propel the Nuggets to an NBA Finals victory this season, they will certainly be entering the conversation of all-time great guard and big duos. For now, this is a pretty solid list from Kendrick Perkins.

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Heat royalty Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, and Pat Riley pull up for NBA Finals Game 1

Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets is quickly approaching on Thursday night. Ahead of the contest, Heat royalty Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, and Pat Riley all met up in the tunnels, via Tomer Azarly.

All three Heat legends will be rooting for Miami in Game 1 and for the rest of the NBA Finals. While Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning still have a vested interest in the team, Shaq will probably be rooting for the Heat because of the place the organization holds in his heart.

Alonzo Mourning and Shaq won an NBA Finals together in 2006 as members of the Heat, while Pat Riley has won multiple championships with the organization during his tenure as team president since 1995. Championship DNA seems to run through the Heat organization, and Miami faithful will be hoping it spills onto the court in the NBA Finals.

Game 1 will be critical for the Heat if they want to give themselves a good chance of winning the NBA Finals. They have won Game 1 on the road in every series they have played in throughout the 2023 NBA Playoffs, so it would be quite the good omen if they were able to do so in Denver. Not to mention, the Nuggets have not yet lost at home in the postseason, so it would create a whole new dynamic for Denver if they ended up losing Game 1.

Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, and Pat Riley will be like the rest of the NBA world and be tuned into Game 1 of the NBA Finals as soon as it tips on Thursday. They will be more alike the Heat side of things in hoping for an upset to to start the series.

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Shaquille O’Neal finally gets served in FTX lawsuit

Gotta keep one eye on the door, Shaq!

One of Shaquille O’Neal’s many commercials has him in some legal trouble. Don’t worry Icy Hot users, the petroleum jelly didn’t burn anyone in a sensitive area. For those who like to indulge in a Papa John’s Pizza, the pepperoncinis didn’t give guests at a kid’s birthday gathering stomach aches for party favors. For the thrill-seekers who put their money into the cryptocurrency service that O’Neal and Stephen Curry advertised, you all might end up getting some money back.

Shaq is part of a bigger lawsuit

Cryptocurrency company FTX filed for bankruptcy in late 2022. Shortly after, the company’s CEO was arrested. Samuel Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of securities fraud, money laundering, and campaign finance violations. Some of the spokespeople for FTX are facing civil litigation through a class action lawsuit, including O’Neal and Curry.

It has been a struggle for the law firm representing the aggrieved parties to properly serve O’Neal. Per the Wall Street Journal’s Joseph De Avila, the Moskowitz group was finally successful at what was formerly known as the FTX Arena — now the Kaseya Center.

Curry and O’Neal interacted prior to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. On the TNT pregame show, Curry was announced as the winner of the NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award. A lovely moment that began with a video message from Abdul-Jabbar lauding Curry for his work off of the court. After two questions from Ernie Johnson, O’Neal chimed in both to complement Curry and remind him that mum’s the word on any mutual “troubles.”

O’Neal was finally tracked down on set in Miami

Lead attorney Adam Moskowitz told De Avila that O’Neal was presented with the papers while on set after the game. The process server bought a ticket to Game 4 and simply approached O’Neal while he was on Inside the NBA set, and served him two in two lawsuits – second suit is in regards to his Astrals NFT Project. Shaq allegedly wasn’t laughing then, and had the process server thrown out of the arena. The Kaseya Center has not issued a statement on the incident.

O’Neal has allegedly been avoiding the processors attempting to serve him the papers for months. Per CNN, the Moskowitz Law Firm Group claimed to be successful on April 16. However, O’Neal’s attorneys sought to have the case dismissed because the papers were thrown at his moving car. O’Neal also denies any wrongdoing regarding FTX and his attorneys are seeking to have the charges dismissed on other accounts. No direct comments have been made about the second suit.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys claim that processors did not have these problems serving Curry, Naomi Osaka, Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, and Larry David — though this alleged situation does sound like a plot for a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

Few people have ever stood out in a room more than O’Neal. Turner’s Techwood campus in Atlanta, where the NBA on TNT is shot, is a highly secure building, but Shaq’s work schedule was still public knowledge. Combine that with knowing what time he needs to leave for work and where he lives, the servers have to do better than allegedly throwing the papers at his vehicle. According to one document, O’Neal claims to have done nothing more than drive past strangers “lurking” outside his home.

O’Neal also told CNBC in December that he was nothing more than a paid spokesperson for FTX.

It’s kinda funny…

As bad as I feel for those who got duped by Bankman-Fried and FTX, the idea of a law firm in hot pursuit of the world’s most famous humongous person and hurling legal documents at his moving vehicle is hysterical. I have heard of far more obscure people getting pinned in drive thru lines to be served papers.

The footage of these unsuccessful attempts must be leaked to the public. Is Shaq indeed evading Moskowitz’s process servers like Avon Barksdale did the detail after the East vs. West Baltimore game in Season 1 of The Wire?

Somehow tracking down a 51-year-old, 7-foot-1, 300-pound man who underwent hip surgery in March and is regularly on live television is like trying to catch a cricket at home at 3:30 a.m. Stories like this remind us that in this hellscape of a society, in which there is always a trap looking to extract us from our money, there is somebody out there still getting caught with the banana in the tailpipe for our amusement.

Aaron Rodgers only knew 2 things about New Jersey before trade to Jets

Why doesn’t it surprise me that Aaron Rodgers loved Jersey Shore?

Aaron Rodgers’ idea of the Garden State prior to being traded to the New York Jets was gleaned through MTV’s Jersey Shore. The veteran QB called the trash reality hit “one of the greatest” shows, despite it being an embarrassment to us born-and-bred Jersey folk. (Hell, wasn’t half the cast from New York?)

“Look, I’ll be honest,” Rodgers said at his post-OTA media availability. “The only Jersey I kinda knew about besides Teteboro was Jersey Shore.

“I was assured that was not a proper representation of this great state,” the 39-year-old QB, who tweaked his right calf during practice, added.

That’s a fact.

New Jersey is home to the first-ever college football game, and the birthplace of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Shaq, Joe Pesci, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, the guy who stuck his dick in the pie in American Pie, and more. And comedians Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, as well as former New York Yankee CC Sabathia call Alpine, N.J. home.

Jersey has the best pizza and bagels — yeah, I said it — Taylor ham (not pork roll), beaches, malls — lots and lots of malls, diners — a fucking lot of those, too — and some great breweries. We say fresh mootz and gabagool.

As far as Teterboro goes, it’s a tiny Bergen County town with a population of 61, according to 2020 US Census data. It’s best known for its airport, which is operated by the Port Authority of NY and NJ, and where many VIPs fly their private jets into, avoiding the disaster that is Newark Airport and traveling amongst the plebes.

Aaron’s thoughts on Jersey Shore

“That was the only lens I saw New Jersey through,” Rodgers reiterated.

When he found out that tight end C.J. Uzomah never watched Jersey Shore, Ayahuasca Aaron teased him. “How could you not watch the show?” the signal-caller asked his teammate. “It was one of the greatest shows back when MTV actually had content on it.”

Rodgers went on to say he’s a fan of Snooki, JWoww, and the crew. He said he even attended a Pauly D DJ set in Las Vegas around 2011. Of all the weird things he’s done — why you’d wanna see a D-list celebrity use a Macbook to play music is beyond me — that doesn’t even make the list.

Ranking the top postseason performances in Miami Heat history

Image for article titled Ranking the top postseason performances in Miami Heat history

Jimmy Butler had a memorable Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday, dropping 56 points in a 119-114 victory over the No. 1 seed.

For a team that’s been around 34 years, the Miami Heat have a rather rich history in the NBA. They’ve won three league titles over the last 17 years, and have a shot at adding to that in this postseason. So, we’ve seen some stellar games out of Heat players over the years even going back to the 1990s before they’d ever even won the Eastern Conference. Now let’s see how Butler’s performance ranks among the top playoff performances in Miami Heat history.

Image for article titled Ranking the top postseason performances in Miami Heat history

It was hard not to rank this game higher on the list, but nine-block playoff games aren’t quite as rare as you might think. It’s a hell of an accomplishment by far, but it tied Alonzo Mourning for second all-time in the postseason with 10 other occurrences. Hakeem Olajuwon and Dwight Howard both had two playoff games where they blocked nine or more shots. Still, Alonzo Mourning is one of the top two most beloved players in the Heat’s history, along with Dwyane Wade, who you’ll see plenty on this list.

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The Killer Crossover was in full effect here as Hardaway had himself a career-defining game bouncing the Knicks in game seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Hardaway scored a postseason career-high 38 points while shooting 60% overall from the field and from 3-point range.

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Jimmy Buckets showed up in a big way in this game against the Hawks and decided to take the game over early on, realizing that it had to be on his shoulders. Only three other Heat players scored double-digits, and no one besides Butler scored more than 15 points in the game.

Butler joined some elite Heat company with his game two performance. He became just the third player in franchise history to post a 45-5-5 game in the playoffs, joining Wade and LeBron James. And Butler is the only one to accomplish this while committing zero turnovers. That sideline blow-up involving Butler, Eric Spoelstra, and Udonis Haslem feels like so long ago.

LeBron and the Heat had some battles with the Pacers during his time in Miami. James was just two rebounds short of a 40-20 double-double in this game. Those are Wilt Chamberlain type numbers from a wing player. Oh, and James was also one assist shy of messing with a triple-double. The Pacers actually came into this game with a 2-1 series lead. While Indiana was scrappy, they had no answers for James in this game and lost this series in six games.

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In this instant classic thriller of an NBA Finals game, Butler played all but one minute, posting his second triple-double of the series with only seven available players on an already overmatched Heat roster. I can remember watching this game and noting how exhausted Miami looked down the stretch of this game and Jimmy making big play after big play squeaking out a three-point victory to stay alive. I know people frown because this happened in the Orlando bubble, but it was still an outstanding display from Butler and the Heat.

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This game in the East semifinals against Brooklyn in 2014 tied James’ second-highest scoring game for his career in the postseason. Dropping 49 on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett was like icing on the cake for LeBron en route to sending two rivals packing again in six games.

Over the first half of James’ career, I’d guess that he enjoyed beating no team more than Boston and Brooklyn when Pierce and Garnett were there. Garnett was such a great trash talker that you almost couldn’t help but take it personally. So instead of trying to match wits, Bron did the next best thing and kicked their asses whenever he got the chance.

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Butler put Miami on his back in game three of the 2020 Finals, as the Heat were in danger of going down 3-0 in the series. Jimmy’s 40-point triple-double was completed on sheer will and refusing to let Miami lose this game. The remarkable thing about Butler’s game that night is that he shot the ball 20 times, and not one was a 3-point attempt. In the age of everybody wanting to be Stephen Curry, Butler dropped 40 and never shot once from that distance.

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In the close-out game of the 2006 Finals against Dallas, Wade did a little bit of everything. He posted a 36-point double-double, dished five assists, came up with four steals, and even blocked three shots. That was it. Wade was a made man in South Beach after bringing a title home for the Heat faithful. It felt like the Mavericks had already been demoralized, having dropped three straight heading into Game 6. It was only a matter of time before Wade put them out of their misery.

Image for article titled Ranking the top postseason performances in Miami Heat history

After lighting up the Eastern Conference in 2022, Jimmy Buckets picks back up where he left off in the ECF against Boston last year. He’s scored at least 30 points in three of the first four games in the first round against Milwaukee this year, highlighted by a 56-point classic in game four. Butler was magnificent in this game as he outdueled Giannis Antetokounmpo, who posted a triple-double.

Butler wouldn’t be denied on this night, as he scored 22 in the first quarter of this game. He scored 20 in a row at one point in that opening period. Because of this historical performance, Jimmy joined an exclusive group posting one of the highest-scoring games in NBA playoff history. The 56 points Butler dropped tied him for fourth, with only Michael Jordan (63), Elgin Baylor (61), and Donovan Mitchell (57) outdoing him. Butler says playoff Jimmy isn’t a thing. It’s time for him to admit that it exists, and it’s a damn good thing.

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This series had to be extra sweet for James, sending his nemesis Boston Celtics home in grand fashion. Kevin Garnett took credit for “breaking” James in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals when the Celtics sent the Cavs home in six games.

Game 6 of the ECF in 2012 was an elimination game for the Heat, and LeBron showed out, saving the day, torching Boston’s big three for 45-15-5, keeping the series alive, and setting up a game seven that Miami won convincingly.

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Every Wade game from this Finals could probably be on this list, but Wade had his highest scoring output in Game 5 to give Miami a 3-2 lead after digging themselves an 0-2 hole to start the series. This game is remembered mainly for Wade spending nearly half the game at the free-throw line. He attempted 25 foul shots making 21 of them. That ranks as the second most free throws attempted in a Finals game in NBA history. No. 1 in this category is Wade’s former teammate Shaq, setting the record (39) with the Lakers during the 2000 Finals.

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The Miami Heat were down 2-0 in the 2006 NBA Finals, and this is where the legend of Dwayne Wade began to take shape. In a must-win, Wade took over, out-scoring and outrebounding running mate Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal came through with 16 points as the second-leading scorer to Wade’s 42 that night. This game began the swing of momentum in that Finals series which became the Heat’s first NBA championship.