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Stiga table tennis gear. Animation by Jared Alconcher. New music by Ham San. Likes: one Considered: 158 source

PainStation is reminiscent of the aged familiar video clip tennis sport Pong, but this time all over it actually hurts when you miss the ball. Each individual player’s left hand rests on a sensor area and is tormented by intense warmth, electrical shocks and lashes of the whip. It was

Verdens (næsten)største rundt-om-bordet turnering – Game City – Roskilde Competition 2013. Vinderen Frederik sikrede sig en billet til Roskilde 2014! Kæmpe respekt til DJ Morten Isaksson! TAK! Musik (movie): CAMP OF THE 12 months aka CAMP PING PONG: “JEG ER PROFESSIONEL!” download: Camp Ping Pong SPLINX PingOut Likes: two Considered:

This is a small documentary about my Mam, Ester Stynes. I See Her Walking Now gained ‘Best Television set Output of the Year’ award at he 2012 Irish Student Media awards. Likes: 1 Considered: 23 supply

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