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Suffering a loss to the Memphis Tigers, Temple Football is reviewed. Zach Gelb comments on the offense dropping the ball several times. Chase Senior asks Gelb, “Does Temple have what it takes to put points on the board?” Centre County Radio Sports Reporter, Michael Esse, phones in to talk in

Temple Football heads south to Texas in their most recent game against the Houston Cougars. Hosts Zach Gelb and Chase Senior take a look at the mistakes made by Temple. Coach Matt Rhule remarks on the need for quarterback PJ Walker to perform better. Player Jihad Thomas is highlighted as

Tommy Sladek and Simone Daniels sit down to speak to Seamus O’Connor, the head coach of Temple Women’s Soccer, and right away the subject of Temple’s win against Tulsa becomes the center of discussion. The game was a major victory scored during a game where two key players had to

With a bye week early in the season (and no press conference), hosts Zach Gelb and Chase Senior bring on guest Michael Kern to discuss Temple Football. Gelb and Senior review last week’s press conference to look for what Temple players can improve on based on Rhule’s statements. Guest Michael

Stephanie Hirsch and Tommy Sladek are back to interview Assistant Tennis Coach Frederika Girsang. Girsang speaks on how her coaching techniques are the same for the men’s and women’s team. She explains how it is important to keep team chemistry in a sport that is largely individualistic. Girsang also goes

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