Formula 1 Grand Prix: 1993 Season Review – Part 9 – Race Eight France

Race Eight: France

Now to France and with local hero Prost taking pole in all the previous seven races, there was a massive turnout for qualifying where the Williams are usually dominant. The Williams did take 1–2 in qualifying ahead of the Ligiers but it was Hill who took pole ahead of Prost, Brundle, Blundell, Senna and Alesi. At the start, the top 5 stayed the same while Schumacher got ahead of Alesi. Hill led from Prost, Brundle, Blundell, Senna and Schumacher.

The Williams pulled away while Brundle pulled away from Blundell who was holding up Senna and Schumacher. However, this ended when Blundell, under pressure from Senna spun off on lap 21 into retirement. It was time for the mid-race stops during which Prost got ahead of Hill and Senna and Schumacher closed up on Brundle.

During the second stops, Prost stayed ahead — just by two-tenths while Senna and Schumacher got ahead of Brundle. Schumacher passed Senna when the two were going through traffic and pulled away. Prost won with Hill right behind to make it a Williams 1–2 ahead of Schumacher, Senna, Brundle and Andretti.

Thus, at the halfway stage of the season, Prost led the World Championship with 57 points. Senna was a further 12 points behind in second with 45, Hill was third with 28, Schumacher was fourth with 24, Brundle fifth with 9, Blundell sixth with 6, Herbert seventh with 6 and Lehto eighth with 5. There were no real battles in the Constructors Championship with Williams comfortably leading with 85 points with McLaren 37 points behind in second with 48. Benetton are third with 29 and Ligier were fourth with 15.

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