Formula 1 Grand Prix: 1993 Season Review – Part 6 – Race Five Spain

Race Five: Spain

As usual, the Williams took 1–2 in qualifying in Spain, with Prost ahead of Hill, Senna, Schumacher, Patrese and Wendlinger. At the start, Hill got ahead of Prost with no changes behind. Hill was leading Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Patrese and Wendlinger.

Hill and Prost pulled away from the rest with Prost taking the lead on lap 11. It was soon time for the stops but the stops changed nothing except that the gap between Prost and Hill had increased and that the one between Senna and Schumacher had decreased. Schumacher attacked Senna but bounced over a sandtrap and lost 15 seconds but not a place. Meanwhile, Prost’s car began to handle oddly and Hill closed up on him. The gap was down to 2 seconds but Hill’s engine failed on lap 41.

Wendlinger only lasted a lap longer before troubles with his fuel system forced him to retire. Prost won from Senna, Schumacher, Patrese, Andretti and Berger.

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