Fernando Menis: Telluric Architecture

In association with the Irish Concrete Society:

1951, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Architect, Associate Professor of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and President of the Laboratory for Innovation in Architecture, Design and Advanced Tourism of Tenerife. Fernando Menis has also been a jury member, director of workshops, and lecturer at Harvard, Columbia Univ, ESA Paris, TU Berlin, Akbild Vienna, and at Architecture Festivals in Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Croatia, Italy etc.

After studying architecture in Barcelona, between 1981 – 2004, Fernando Menis teamed up with 2 other partners under the name Artengo-Menis-Pastrana. In 2004, he founded the practice Menis Arquitectos with offices in Tenerife and Valencia.
In both an independent and collaborative capacity, his portfolio encompasses the following works:
Insular Athletics Stadium (2007), Magma Art & Congress (2005), Swimming Pool in the River Spree in Berlin (2004), Presidency of the Canary Islands (1999), as well as the following projects which are still in progess: Concerts Hall Jordánek in Poland, Congress Center in Fuerteventura, Aurum House in Taiwan, Taipei Residential Tower, Santísimo Redentor Church in La Laguna.

Winner of the National Prize for Architecture and Design (PAD 2000 ) and of the WAF 2010 Future Projects-Cultural, he has repeatedly received the Regional Award for Architecture in the Canary Islands, and has been selected as finalist in the FAD Awards, and the Spanish Architecture Bienniale. He exhibited at the Venice Biennale, MOMA NY (2006), Aedes Berlin (2006), GA Tokyo (2009) etc.

Image: Santísimo Redentor Church in La Laguna, Simona Rota.


24th of March 2011
Emmet Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

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