Brazil: Olympics 2016 (Rio de Janeiro)

Brazil: Olympic Games 2016 ( City : Rio de Janeiro)

Video presented to the Olympic Committee when choosing the next Country that should host the Olympic Games.

“Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) hit Madrid in the final round of the contest to win the right to host the 2016 Games by 66 votes to 32. Thus, terminating a dream that began in 1992 and that has cost more than $ 180 million just to candidacies. Chicago and Tokyo were also overcome by natives.”

“Chicago, which was pointed to as a favorite, was the first to be eliminated. The result provoked reactions of surprise and celebration at the press center of the Bella Center, where the election was held.

Soon afterwards it was time for Tokyo to be eliminated, to the dismay of Japanese athletes who followed the investigation alongside the journalists. Stayed for the final Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. And after an hour of waiting, the Brazilian city was finally announced as the Olympic Games in 2016.”


* Brazil 2014 ( FIFA World Cup ) and 2016 ( Olympics ) ! *

– Song: Cidade Maravilhosa ( Wonderful Town )
– Composer : André Filho

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